Sights of the Krasnodar Territory.

This is a living catalog that is constantly growing and expanding. A list of other directories will be at the end of the article. Here are links to our articles on the subject. All for the convenience of our dear readers and travel lovers. At the end of articles or in captions to videos, there are coordinates of the places described. If you forgot to put it somewhere, then be sure to write, we’ll figure it out.

The Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea are practically a single space. They are closely merged and it is often difficult to distinguish geographically where you are. But we have divided the sights into these two regions, otherwise the list would be very long. Yes, and regionally it is easier to find some object in a more narrowly focused list. At the end of the article, I left a link to the same list for Adygea.

If you are interested in some place that is not on the list, then write, we will try to visit, describe, film and post an article or video.


We love waterfalls very much and invite you to watch articles and videos about the places we visited in the Krasnodar Territory.

Gebius waterfalls. A great place for a trip in the spring. THREE WITH A CAMERAMarch 29, 2021

VIDEO Gebiuz waterfalls. Interesting near Dzhubga.

Frozen «University» waterfallTROE WITH A CAMERAFebruary 18, 2021 Frozen Chinarsky waterfall. An icy fairy tale in the middle of a winter forestTROE WITH A CAMERAMarch 7, 2021 Pshekh waterfalls, one of the highest in RussiaTROE WITH A CAMERAMay 2, 2021 Agur waterfalls, Eagle Rocks and Prometheus Grotto. Sochi.THREE WITH A CAMERAJuly 13

VIDEO Agurskoye gorge, waterfall, cave and barely escaped quadcopter

SHORT VIDEO The first waterfall on the Zhana River, Gelendzhik

Waterfalls 50 km from Krasnodar, Mount Sober-Bash and springTHREE WITH CAMERA10 April 2021


Caves and grottoes

The caves are large and equipped and small wild ones.

Vorontsovskaya cave. A large and very beautiful cave in the SochiTROE region WITH A CAMERAMarch 22, 2021 Bogatyrsky caves. Wild caves in the Krasnodar Territory. THREE WITH A CAMERA April 4, 2021 Sheep cave, Adygea. A through cave located on the Lago-Naki plateau. Reaching it is not at all difficult, any novice tourist will reach it. For the first time we walked with a very small Yarik in our arms, we reached and found it quickly. I attached a photo with a very small Yarik and from the last walk to this cave a couple of years ago. Basically, nothing has changed. The entrance to the cave is large and wide, but the exit is narrow … THREE WITH A CAMERA July 17

Gorges and canyons

Gorges and canyons of the Krasnodar Territory, which we went on foot or swam on a SUP board.

Gorges «Wolf» and «Bear Gates». THREE WITH A CAMERAMarch 4, 2021

VIDEO from the «wolf» and «bear gates». We found as many as 4 gorges near Krasnodar.

Very spectacular Navalishchenskoe gorge, Sochi. THREE WITH A CAMERAJuly 23

VIDEO Fulfillment of my desire in the Novalishchensky Gorge

Mamedovo gorge. Autumn routes of the Krasnodar Territory. THREE WITH A CAMERAOctober 3

Mountains and rocks

Rock «Sail». The attraction is well-known, but let it also be in our electronic “catalog” of attractions. Located in the village of Praskoveevka. A unique natural monument. A rock standing vertically perpendicular to the edge of the sea. It consists of sandstone. The hole in the rock is located at a height of about 2.5 meters, where it came from is unknown. The thickness of the rock is just over a meter … THREE WITH A CAMERA29 August

mud volcanoes

This is a unique phenomenon in the Krasnodar Territory. There will be many more articles about them.

A real volcano in the Krasnodar regionTROE WITH A CAMERAFebruary 14, 2021


We have an enormous collection of dolmens in the archive. Not all articles have been written yet, but they will definitely appear on this list.

Dolmen «Ubinsky», 60 km from KrasnodarTHROE WITH A CAMERAFebruary 21, 2021 Dolmen village. More than 40 dolmens in the forest, found 9.THREE WITH A CAMERAApril 11, 2021

VIDEO — MORE THAN 50 DOLMENS. Dolmen village in Pshad.

Volkonsky dolmen. Interesting around SochiTROE WITH A CAMERAJuly 21


A large number of reservoirs became available to us after the purchase of a kayak and a SUP board. Water adventures and walks to reservoirs by land in this section.

Dying Cypresses of Lake SukkoTROE WITH A CAMERAMay 11, 2021

VIDEO — GONE, COULD NOT RETURN! Adventures in Abrau and Durso

Salt lake in Taman Huge lake of salt. When you dip your hand into it, you feel a soapy substance. Due to the amount of salt, the shores are clayey and attract a large number of lovers of therapeutic mud. Through a small section of the coast, after the «mud baths» you can dive into the Black Sea. We are not special fans of this type of cosmetology, so we cannot describe the effect. But we have seen that it is very popular… THREE WITH A CAMERAJuly 16th


We visit many museums. There will be many articles, now they are in the process of work.

Older than ancient. Museum in TamaniTROE WITH A CAMERAFebruary 14, 2021

SHORT VIDEO about the museum — the ship «Mikhail Kutuzov» in Novorossiysk

Museum of the USSR in SochiTROYA WITH A CAMERAJuly 12 Museum of military equipment «Military Hill» in Temryuk. A well-known place located in Temryuk. It is known to everyone who travels to Taman or the Crimea by car through Temryuk. Every time our son passed by, he asked to stop here to go around the museum, inspect the “exhibits”, climb some of them and satisfy his boyish curiosity. A military hill was opened back in Soviet times in 1983 on the day … THREE WITH A CAMERA September 12


And we ended up in Tmutarakan … THREE WITH A CAMERA July 30 Kuban and Adygea BC, the richest layer of history in events, THREE WITH A CAMERA September 15

Interesting places

What else is interesting in the Krasnodar Territory? Everything that was not included in other sections or when the trip was full of multiple attractions located in one place.

Tea plantations, where to pick tea yourselfTHREE WITH A CAMERAMarch 15, 2021 Wonderful stone animals 20 km from KrasnodarTHREE WITH A CAMERAMarch 21, 2021


VIDEO — WHERE WE TAKE CHILDREN. How to surprise teenagers in Kabardinka. Discarded RIO ship.

Lefkadia valley, autumn walk. In autumn, there are fewer places for outdoor activities, but some places take on a special charm. If you want to have a cultural holiday, take a walk in the park, walk among beautiful buildings, watch flocks of fish in the pond, take pictures in the vineyards, and of course eat delicious food and drink good wine, then this place is intended for this. We rarely… THREE WITH A CAMERA October 10


We have a special love for architectural structures, both ancient and modern. About the most interesting articles will be here.

Tower on Akhun mountain But our son has never been before, just imagine! Therefore, they came here so that Yarik could see her and shoot another video, before I was here only with a camera. We have a video about Sochi on our channel, in which I tell all the details about this building, I think here in the text … THREE WITH A CAMERA August 1

VIDEO Mount Akhun and a tower on it. Sochi and surroundings

VIDEO Sanatorium Ordzhonikidze. Closed and tours discontinued

VIDEO What do you know about Suvorov? Fortress on the southern borders of Russia.


Various cities of the Krasnodar Territory, review articles or video walks.

Where to go with children on the weekend in the Krasnodar Territory WITH A CAMERAMarch 28

VIDEO — What to show children in Novorossiysk. Lake Abrau at sunset.

Sochi seaport. Evening walk THREE WITH A CAMERAJuly 9

Black Sea

Beach holidays are also not alien to us. But we saturate it with water and marine activities, visit various interesting places on the coast.

RIO, which was visited by almost everyone. Let me explain that RIO is a cargo ship washed ashore during a storm. The ship did not have time to start the engine and go further into the sea when it stood near the city of Novorossiysk and was waiting for loading. So since 2018, when it happened, he has been standing here. The ship’s crew was evacuated and sent home. And the ship is guarded by border guards (or someone else) to this day … THREE WITH A CAMERA July 27

VIDEO — COULD NOT LIE ON THE BEACH. What is the bottom and when is it worth to rest in Krinitsa.


In this section, articles and videos from the oceanariums of the Krasnodar Territory.

Anapa Oceanarium «Rif» and its inhabitants THREE WITH A CAMERA8 July


Mineral waters and pump rooms, healing springs and mud. This section is about it.

Mineralnye vody AnapyTROE WITH A CAMERAJuly 10

Water park and water activities

VIDEO First time in the water park. Terribly liked it. Tiki-Tak water park in Anapa.

Places for rafting

We love rafting and here we will tell you about the most interesting places in the Krasnodar Territory, where this type of activity will be most interesting.

VIDEO Rafting by sea at a temperature of +12. Forgot the fin. Big Utrish. What’s on the bottom.


A special attitude to old places that carry history and former greatness. Rarely, but we visit such places.

Exploring the old boarding house, abandoned «Vostok»THREE WITH A CAMERAMarch 26, 2021

VIDEO Abandoned boarding house «Vostok» in the village of Kabardinka (Gelendzhik)


Sights of Adygea. List of interesting thingsTHREE WITH A CAMERAJuly 10 Sights of CrimeaTHREE WITH A CAMERAJuly 19

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Caucasian Biosphere Reserve.

We have our own house in the village of Dakhovskaya, which is located in Adygea, and therefore there will be a lot of routes and photos in the surroundings. Here we spend the whole summer and therefore we know almost every stone by name and patronymic. We went through all the routes together with a child (and we take him from the age of 1.5), and therefore they can be safely called “family”.

In this post, a walk with a 3-year-old child from Yavorova Polyana. Along the way there is a section of 500-700 meters of ascent, which can be difficult for unprepared tourists to overcome. Stock up on water. Of course, the father carried the child on himself.

We start the ascent while stamping our feet, a bunch of plants, insects and a lot of interesting things.

Unexpectedly, tourists with a Sphynx cat come down to meet us. A very unexpected meeting. In the reserve, in the forest to meet the sphinx :))

Then the hogweed begins, and during the flowering period. And it is dangerous during this period. We lift the child on our shoulders and dad works further (well, why not training …).

From above, from the Lago-Naki plateau, it seems that there are entirely alpine meadows, and here the “grass” is taller than human growth.

You can go through a big climb in 15 minutes, or you can stomp for a long time for an unprepared tourist. Uphill is not always easy to climb.

But how much beauty around. Shooting landscapes is a good reason to relax🙂

Heaviness adds a backpack with photographic equipment. SLR equipment used to be heavy, not like now mirrorless ones.

After climbing up we came to a fork. To the left is the road to the Guzeripl pass, to the right towards the ascent to Blyam and Oshten. We chose the right direction. And then the size of the grass decreased, there were no hogweed and other dangerous herbs, they gave the child freedom.

Along the way, a small stream with mountain cold water, replenished water supplies.

It became cold, the wind from the mountains is cool. In May, there is still a lot of snow in the mountains.

And here are streams or mini waterfalls flowing straight from the rock. The final route for this micro-trek.

You can go further with the baby, but whims begin, and it’s still hard to carry a child of 3 years old on your shoulders. But still a great route for walking with a child. This is how we laid our son’s love for the mountains, nature and mountain hiking.

The main thing is to watch what the child touches, tears or pulls into his mouth. There are many useful plants in the mountains, as well as those that can harm a child.

Thanks for reading the article! Write if this route description format is interesting. There have been thousands of them over the past few years and not all of them were filmed, there are only photos. More precisely, I shoot video only for the last two years. And the photo of the terabyte material lies.

Watch and read on our blog:

Mount Oshten. Will we reach it or not… The beauty of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve.

Natural stone bridges in Adygea and a waterfall

Waterfalls of the Mishoko River in Adygea and two interesting grottoes

We go to the Rufabgo waterfalls along the free trail.

Princes’ Islands.

I continue to tell stories from Istanbul. The story will be about the island of Buyukada. Istanbul is a very large city, surrounded by the Black and Marmara Seas and the Bosporus Strait dividing it into two parts. A large number of islands are located in the waters of the Sea of ​​​​Marmara and a group of several, called Princes, are part of greater Istanbul.

View of the Princes’ Islands from the Sea of ​​Marmara View of the Princes’ Islands from the Sea of ​​Marmara

The Princes’ Islands is a district of Istanbul called Adalar. Group of 9 islands. The largest of them is Buyukada, its area is just over 5 km2. Why they are called Princes found information that when Byzantium was on these lands, princes and other imperial persons and members of their families were exiled here as a punishment.

We got here by ferry from the Katabash pier. Sailed for about 1.5 hours. And I took a lot of pictures from the sea of ​​the receding shores of mainland Istanbul:

Asian side of Istanbul. View from the Sea of ​​Marmara. Asian side of Istanbul. View from the Sea of ​​Marmara.

On the way, the ferry stopped at another island, Hybeliadu it seems. It is also interesting for us, but we will visit it another time, now we are on our way to the largest island.

The trip was very pleasant and memorable. The sky from the very morning was covered with clouds, storm clouds, dark and heavy. When they set sail, the seagulls still pursued the ferry for some time, after which they fell behind.

Approaching the island of Hybeliada, an incredible thing happened, the rays of the sun broke through the clouds and illuminated the ships moving in the opposite direction. This is an incredible picture, see for yourself.

Gradually, all the surrounding landscapes flooded the sun and they looked fantastic against the dark sky.

And here is Buyukada. It is here that we will spend the day, climb to the highest point, look at the architecture, get acquainted with the local cats, which are in abundance here.

I moved the article about architecture to a separate post, right here:

Architecture on the Princes’ Islands through our eyes. What impressed.

Therefore, I will not dwell on the architectural details, I will only describe the sights and impressions.

In the beginning, we ended up in the central square. We examined the clock tower, looked at the cost of renting bicycles, compared the geography of the island and the climbs uphill and decided to move on foot.

Central square of Buyukada island Central square of Buyukada island

You can read about the many carved villas in the article about the architecture of the Princes’ Islands, the link to which I posted above and will definitely be duplicated at the end of the article. We were moving along Nizam Street. On the way we saw the building of the Armenian Church (unexpectedly).

Our goal was to climb to the highest point of the island, where the monastery of St. George of Kudun and stunning views of other islands and mainland Istanbul. From the pier it is about 4.5 km, the last kilometer is always uphill. We start moving. Villas first:

And a lot of cats. Some are especially large. Most are shy, but there are also those who make contact.

What disappointed us: all the way (and we walked around the island almost in a circle) we did not find a single place where it would be possible to approach the sea. Every patch is occupied by villas, everything is blocked, there are no approaches. An exception is a place near the port, a short section on which it will not be possible to retire. Therefore, all the way they sighed and watched the sea from afar.

A regular bus runs around the island, if anyone wants to climb not on foot, but by transport. From the bus stop we start climbing up to the monastery

Monastery of St. George of Kudunsky is a Greek Orthodox monastery built in 963 AD, 10th century. The building experienced several shocks, was destroyed by the crusaders, burned by pirates, survived several attacks, but later rebuilt, rebuilt and opened.

It is noteworthy that Muslim pilgrims flock to this monastery on a certain day of the year (April 23). This is Saint George’s day.

And of course, I can’t help but share the stunning views that open in all directions from this height:

Went down the other side of the island to see more. We still hoped to go to the sea, but it didn’t work out … I filmed various buildings, signs, architecture.

And here we are again at the pier. If you stand facing the sea, then if you go to the right, then it’s such a beautiful view for shooting against the backdrop of mainland Istanbul.

Another fact: an amazing clear sea, even though the port with ships is in close proximity. The bottom is visible at a depth of about 2 meters. Various marine coastal life is found in abundance.

The last hugs with another cat, who impudently climbed into his arms.

And we are already on the ferry to go back to the city of contrasts.

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Architecture on the Princes’ Islands through our eyes. What impressed.

More than 50 attractions in 7 days, review. What to visit in St. Petersburg.

Such a romantic Tarkhankut

Dolmen village. Wild dolmens in the forest. Pshada village.

Architecture on the islands

The architecture of the island in most cases is wooden, very elegant. Each mansion is a masterpiece, like from old vintage postcards. There are stone houses, but they are in the minority, it seemed to us. Most of the buildings are from the Ottoman period.

We walked along the main street and moved from the square towards the highest point of the island, to the monastery of St. George Kudunsky. The central square is quite crowded, but the farther from the center, the quieter and calmer it became.

We did not take any transport (bicycles are meant), we decided to walk on our feet and inspect everything carefully. And I plunged headlong into the enchanting world of architectural details of private villas and buildings of the island. If to describe architecture in one word, then most likely it is LACE.

I have not seen such elegant forging and carved decoration of facades. We have seen little of this architecture on the Asian side of Istanbul, but here, on Buyukada, every building is simply breathtaking, no matter what condition it is in. There are quite a lot of abandoned houses, it is sad to see such beauties abandoned and in a deplorable state. But the majority are still being watched.

Gates and doors are worth noting especially. I really like to shoot doors and here I have replenished my collection with a large number of shots. A lot of gives pictures of the gate an abundance of greenery and flowers.

I really like the presence of a carved balcony on the facade of the building in architecture. I don’t think that the inhabitants of these houses sit and drink tea on it, because the balconies overlook the street filled with tourists. But the balcony gives the house charm.

And shutters, they are in almost every wooden house. They are not carved, classic with striped laths. In old abandoned houses, the windows are closed with shutters and therefore the view of the houses is not as depressing as it could be at the sight of broken glass.

I photographed just such a sculpture that adorns the fence of one of the villas. I thought it was cute, something out of this time and place.

More articles from the trip to Istanbul:

And people created it! Historical Museum in Istanbul.

There will be more to come. Thanks for reading the article!

Historical Museum in Istanbul.

Today I will tell you about visiting the archaeological museum in Istanbul.

This museum has over a million exhibits! The museum consists of three separate expositions: the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of the Ancient East and the Tiled Pavilion. Inspection of the entire museum took us about 3 hours. There was a downpour outside the wall, not very carefully examined the exposition on the territory of the open-air museum. But this is a reason to come back and look again.

The museum was founded at the end of the 19th century. One of the buildings is quite new, it opened its doors after being built in 1891, but the tiled pavilion was built back in 1472. I will show it separately.

main building of the museum main building of the museum

Our blog is not intended to teach history or report historical data. We have nothing to do with history and science. We just travel, watch, marvel, film and share. I can only tell what I understood myself, found out, but I can not vouch for the veracity of the information. Recheck if you want to know the truth. My mission is to show places and interest the reader to visit different places on our magnificent planet.

main building of the museum main building of the museum

The exposition in the main building is certainly amazing. Even a person who has nothing to do with history or art will be surprised at the diversity of the exposition.

Egyptian history is extensive in the museum. The number of sarcophagi of those times is simply huge. Everyone can be approached and touched.

Further, simply phenomenal work on stone. This mind is not comprehensible!

Just look at the fine work of that time. But there were no modern technologies, everything was done by the hands of masters. Well, or we know little about the technologies of the ancients… The bas-reliefs on the sarcophagi amaze not only with skillfully rendered scenes of battles, but also with the detail of the study of individual parts of the composition. How much time did it take to create one such masterpiece 🙈.

By the way, by the way, we filmed photos and videos on the territory of the museum absolutely calmly, there were no obstacles from the museum staff. We didn’t take a tour, we explored everything on our own.

We examined a few sarcophagi on the street near the building:

…and went to the old Tiled Pavilion. It contains a lot of things, dishes and household items of old times. And the building itself with amazing mosaics. Scroll through, a close-up shows that most likely painted by hand.

Inside the museum:

I am a big fan of the architectural details of the building. Therefore, I took a large number of pictures of various parts of the building.

The third building of the museum. There are already many exhibits behind glass. Sculptures, mosaics, mummies, jewelry, religious attributes and more.

More Egyptian history:

It is interesting that such ancient tablets hang without glass and protection.

Mosaics, cuneiform tablets and bas-reliefs:

I hope you were interested. There will be many more interesting posts from Istanbul. The trip turned out to be very diverse and interesting, covering many tourist destinations of a huge city located immediately in Europe and Asia.

Thank you

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Dolmen village. Wild dolmens in the forest. Pshada village.

UNIQUE MOUNTAIN 50 KM FROM KRASNODAR. Three with a camera explore the sights of Sober Bash.

Weekend in the Krasnodar Territory

in Novorossiysk. Why not? A wonderful city for a day trip from Krasnodar and other nearby cities.

When the weather is bad, slush, mud, then you can’t walk much in the forest. Even in rubber boots and windproof clothing. At least not comfortable. It is better to enjoy the forest on more pleasant sunny days. But walking around the city, and even basking in museums, is a great alternative.

I tell you what you can visit in Novorossiysk based on our experience:

👉We visited the Cruiser «Mikhail Kutuzov», this is a museum. A great excursion for the boys, although the girls from our excursion group also liked it.

You can’t walk on the ship without a tour. Only on the small deck closest to the gangway. While we were waiting for someone else to join us, we took a walk and took pictures of boats with large containers. Surely this is how parcels from aliexpress arrive :)))

And in general, the view is beautiful from the ship. I am a big fan of industrial tourism and all these port cranes impress me.

You can’t shoot video on the ship, but you can take as many photos as you like.

The tour is very interesting, first on the deck, and then inside the ship. About an hour duration. Our child is very happy.

Then we walked along the embankment, watched the ducks and seagulls and went to the next object

👉Novorossiysk has a good historical museum. Very good. The exposition covers several centuries, there are a lot of archaeological finds, weapons, household items. I highly recommend this museum! But there will be no pictures from it, you can’t shoot there. Allowed to shoot a few videos, I’ll post them separately.

👉Planetarium. Oh what a voice the film is voicing! The woman tells in such a melodic and soft voice that it is better than any session with a psychologist 🙈. Who was there, he will confirm 😂. And the show is very good, the kids will love it. I can only compare with the Moscow Planetarium, of course not the same level, but worthy, quite. Filming is also not allowed.🙁

👉Memorial «Malaya Zemlya». This museum, with its music and voice, moved Yarik to tears, he is very impressionable with us.

In fact, we go inside the memorial and go through the stairs through it. Exit from the other side. A sad «heavy» melody and voice sounds. The impressionable are very strong. As I wrote above, our son burst into tears.

Next to the memorial is an exposition of military equipment. We didn’t go there anymore, my son had enough emotions.

👉Next to the memorial there is a go-kart, this is for all the impressions for children and in one day 😂.

Karting is good, very attentive staff, help, and the territory is quite extensive. Son is impressed.

And at sunset we decided to rush to Abrau. It’s right there, almost within reach.

There are never too many impressions! It’s been a good and busy day. And the weather did not interfere, although it frowned.

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Pshekh waterfalls, one of the highest in Russia

Walk in the center of Krasnodar.

A couple of days ago we decided to take a ride around our Krasnodar and look for old courtyards that have preserved echoes of the former USSR. There are fewer and fewer such places, and not because they are being demolished, but because they are sheathed with modern materials and modernized. The houses themselves are not going anywhere. The old center and the historical fund cannot be demolished, although people sometimes live there in terrible conditions.

In many houses of the old center of Krasnodar, there is still no basic sewage system, somewhere there is no running water. There are even houses in the city center that are heated with wood. 21 century.

But I want to look at all these courtyards not from a negative side, my blog is not about social problems, but still about travel, history, a warm attitude to the details of our world and somewhere about nostalgia. It is out of awareness to catch it, nostalgia, that we often go to catch crumbs of echoes of the past. After all, this is all from childhood, and it is the brightest and kindest …

Rarely does anyone pay attention to details. While we were walking through these courtyards, we met more than one people like us who were looking for the beauty of the gates of the old center. By the way, most of them are young people who did not find the Soviet era at all. And it impresses that they go to this «time machine» out of their own curiosity and of their own free will.

The people living in these houses were also very loyal and kind to two nostalgic people on bikes (we walked without a son), hung with cameras. Of course, we expected a different reaction, having read blogs on the Internet, but everything turned out to be completely different.

I think that in every major city in Russia there are plenty of such places. And not only in Russia, all over the world. It’s all history, in every element the breath of time.

It hurts when they say that all this needs to be demolished and a modern new building built on this site. I am for reconstruction, resettlement of people in decent conditions and preservation of architectural monuments of the past. What do you think?

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UNIQUE MOUNTAIN 50 KM FROM KRASNODAR. Three with a camera explore the sights of Sober Bash.

About the museum

Today we will talk not only about the museum as such, but also about the magical people with whom fate brings us together and who leave a strong impression. The tour lasted just over an hour, but the son still remembers with warmth both the exposition of the museum and the fairy, who managed to reveal mathematics from the other side in this short time. “This is how teachers should be at school!” — the first thing the son said, leaving the territory of the museum.

The museum is a member of the Union of Private Museums of Russia. Part of the museum is open-air and part is indoors. The exposition is unique! Not only in terms of the rarity and quantity of exhibits. All this is nothing without a tour, which is really impressive.

We plunged into mathematics in an hour and learned how and where to see fractals, tetrahedra in nature, what features of pine spirals and how to see the Fibonacci number in sunflowers and the proportions of our body, what is a logarithmic spiral, how to collect clusters of bubbles, how hexagons are formed in nature, what is the Phi number and what does it have to do with our DNA, about pentagrams in plant inflorescences and a lot of other insanely interesting things with live examples.

Yes, they are simply obliged to bring all high school students from the district cities on an excursion here! The keeper of this unique collection and guide is a mathematics teacher in a regular school in the village of Tulsky. Can you imagine what such a teacher can convey to children in the direct teaching of children in the classroom, if we were struck in an hour!

When we returned home after the museum, Yarik grabbed a hammer and rushed to the banks of the Dakh River to look for ammonites. I even found a piece. So contagious.

I advise from the bottom of my heart! I took not only photos, but also a lot of video material, after editing I will definitely post it on our Zen, take a walk around the museum with us.

Admission is free, but visits are by appointment.

Tulsky village (Maikop), st. Ring, 1

44.498569, 40.167522

Video footage from this museum and other places around the village of Tulskoye:

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dam of the Krasnodar reservoir

It so happened that I am the wife of a structural engineer and the daughter-in-law of a hydraulic engineer. And not a simple hydraulic engineer, but one who was one of those who designed the Krasnodar reservoir. So the information, so to speak, is first-hand and confirmed by experts. But I, as an absolute humanist, while writing an article, can make linguistic mistakes and use incorrect word combinations when describing technical details. I ask you to take this into account when reading it, and if anything, it’s my fault that I misinterpreted smart people 🙈😂.

And now on the topic. Once my husband received an assignment at work at a design institute: it is necessary to draw a map of flooding in the event of a theoretical breakthrough of the dam of the Krasnodar reservoir. Then the Ministry of Emergency Situations was gaining momentum with the creation of a theoretical (and practical) basis for the protection of the population, and it is logical that they needed such information. These cards are secret and cannot be shown, unfortunately.