Historical Museum in Istanbul.

Today I will tell you about visiting the archaeological museum in Istanbul.

This museum has over a million exhibits! The museum consists of three separate expositions: the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of the Ancient East and the Tiled Pavilion. Inspection of the entire museum took us about 3 hours. There was a downpour outside the wall, not very carefully examined the exposition on the territory of the open-air museum. But this is a reason to come back and look again.

The museum was founded at the end of the 19th century. One of the buildings is quite new, it opened its doors after being built in 1891, but the tiled pavilion was built back in 1472. I will show it separately.

main building of the museum main building of the museum

Our blog is not intended to teach history or report historical data. We have nothing to do with history and science. We just travel, watch, marvel, film and share. I can only tell what I understood myself, found out, but I can not vouch for the veracity of the information. Recheck if you want to know the truth. My mission is to show places and interest the reader to visit different places on our magnificent planet.

main building of the museum main building of the museum

The exposition in the main building is certainly amazing. Even a person who has nothing to do with history or art will be surprised at the diversity of the exposition.

Egyptian history is extensive in the museum. The number of sarcophagi of those times is simply huge. Everyone can be approached and touched.

Further, simply phenomenal work on stone. This mind is not comprehensible!

Just look at the fine work of that time. But there were no modern technologies, everything was done by the hands of masters. Well, or we know little about the technologies of the ancients… The bas-reliefs on the sarcophagi amaze not only with skillfully rendered scenes of battles, but also with the detail of the study of individual parts of the composition. How much time did it take to create one such masterpiece 🙈.

By the way, by the way, we filmed photos and videos on the territory of the museum absolutely calmly, there were no obstacles from the museum staff. We didn’t take a tour, we explored everything on our own.

We examined a few sarcophagi on the street near the building:

…and went to the old Tiled Pavilion. It contains a lot of things, dishes and household items of old times. And the building itself with amazing mosaics. Scroll through, a close-up shows that most likely painted by hand.

Inside the museum:

I am a big fan of the architectural details of the building. Therefore, I took a large number of pictures of various parts of the building.

The third building of the museum. There are already many exhibits behind glass. Sculptures, mosaics, mummies, jewelry, religious attributes and more.

More Egyptian history:

It is interesting that such ancient tablets hang without glass and protection.

Mosaics, cuneiform tablets and bas-reliefs:

I hope you were interested. There will be many more interesting posts from Istanbul. The trip turned out to be very diverse and interesting, covering many tourist destinations of a huge city located immediately in Europe and Asia.

Thank you

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