dam of the Krasnodar reservoir

It so happened that I am the wife of a structural engineer and the daughter-in-law of a hydraulic engineer. And not a simple hydraulic engineer, but one who was one of those who designed the Krasnodar reservoir. So the information, so to speak, is first-hand and confirmed by experts. But I, as an absolute humanist, while writing an article, can make linguistic mistakes and use incorrect word combinations when describing technical details. I ask you to take this into account when reading it, and if anything, it’s my fault that I misinterpreted smart people 🙈😂.

And now on the topic. Once my husband received an assignment at work at a design institute: it is necessary to draw a map of flooding in the event of a theoretical breakthrough of the dam of the Krasnodar reservoir. Then the Ministry of Emergency Situations was gaining momentum with the creation of a theoretical (and practical) basis for the protection of the population, and it is logical that they needed such information. These cards are secret and cannot be shown, unfortunately.