Caucasian Biosphere Reserve.

We have our own house in the village of Dakhovskaya, which is located in Adygea, and therefore there will be a lot of routes and photos in the surroundings. Here we spend the whole summer and therefore we know almost every stone by name and patronymic. We went through all the routes together with a child (and we take him from the age of 1.5), and therefore they can be safely called “family”.

In this post, a walk with a 3-year-old child from Yavorova Polyana. Along the way there is a section of 500-700 meters of ascent, which can be difficult for unprepared tourists to overcome. Stock up on water. Of course, the father carried the child on himself.

We start the ascent while stamping our feet, a bunch of plants, insects and a lot of interesting things.

Unexpectedly, tourists with a Sphynx cat come down to meet us. A very unexpected meeting. In the reserve, in the forest to meet the sphinx :))

Then the hogweed begins, and during the flowering period. And it is dangerous during this period. We lift the child on our shoulders and dad works further (well, why not training …).

From above, from the Lago-Naki plateau, it seems that there are entirely alpine meadows, and here the “grass” is taller than human growth.

You can go through a big climb in 15 minutes, or you can stomp for a long time for an unprepared tourist. Uphill is not always easy to climb.

But how much beauty around. Shooting landscapes is a good reason to relax🙂

Heaviness adds a backpack with photographic equipment. SLR equipment used to be heavy, not like now mirrorless ones.

After climbing up we came to a fork. To the left is the road to the Guzeripl pass, to the right towards the ascent to Blyam and Oshten. We chose the right direction. And then the size of the grass decreased, there were no hogweed and other dangerous herbs, they gave the child freedom.

Along the way, a small stream with mountain cold water, replenished water supplies.

It became cold, the wind from the mountains is cool. In May, there is still a lot of snow in the mountains.

And here are streams or mini waterfalls flowing straight from the rock. The final route for this micro-trek.

You can go further with the baby, but whims begin, and it’s still hard to carry a child of 3 years old on your shoulders. But still a great route for walking with a child. This is how we laid our son’s love for the mountains, nature and mountain hiking.

The main thing is to watch what the child touches, tears or pulls into his mouth. There are many useful plants in the mountains, as well as those that can harm a child.

Thanks for reading the article! Write if this route description format is interesting. There have been thousands of them over the past few years and not all of them were filmed, there are only photos. More precisely, I shoot video only for the last two years. And the photo of the terabyte material lies.

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