Valley of ghosts Demerdzhi.

Very beautiful place, spectacular. We visited the fortress in the valley earlier, you can read about it here. Now we start climbing to the top and see where the path leads.

The valley of ghosts is a place with rocks of a very interesting shape on a mountain range called Dzhimerdzhi, in fact, like the valley from which we begin the ascent. The place is a geological monument, has an area of ​​about 20 hectares. This place is also unique in that there is such a natural phenomenon as the «Brocken Ghost». It does not appear often, it is a shadow from a person observing it on the surface of the fog (and they are frequent here), sometimes a glow or colored rings form around the shadow. All this can move, as air currents move. Well, almost a ghost … I would like to see this at least once. There is such a thing when the sun shines from behind the observer during the fog.

We enter the symbolic gate to the territory of the «Valley of Ghosts» and start moving along the path.

On the way we meet a sprawling tree. This is Nikulin’s Nut. Its age is more than 600 years, it is really unique. He is over 12 meters tall and incredibly large in girth. The nut got its modern name after the release of the film «Prisoner of the Caucasus», which was filmed in these places.

It was on this nut that the hero Dunce, performed by Yuri Nikulin, sat when he tracked down the heroine of the film, Nina, in order to steal her.

Sun-drenched stones Sun-drenched stones Panorama of the Demerdzhi valley Panorama of the Demerdzhi valley

From this remarkable place we start the ascent 2.5 km long. The road is not difficult and not dangerous, but all the time the rise. After a while, good viewpoints begin to meet from which a gorgeous view of the valley opens.

And this is a satellite that escorts tourists all the way up and down:

The beauty of the rocks along the way:

And here is the top point for which everyone rises here. It has a lot of unusually shaped stones and stunning views of the entire valley.

Thank you very much for your attention and reading the article!

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