Gebius waterfalls.

Grotto Waterfall Grotto Waterfall

They are Teshebsky, they are Bigiussky. Very beautiful waterfalls not far from Arkhipo-Osipovka, Dzhubga and not very far from Gelendzhik. We drove to them in our car from Krasnodar, a sign that is difficult to pass by is located right on the highway, this is a good landmark, look carefully. There is a good parking place nearby on the highway, and the car was left there. Place coordinates at the end of the article.

Spring sunshine Spring sunshine

Despite the fact that they visited the waterfalls in early March, quite a lot of people went to them. We are early birds and left Krasnodar at 7 am, at 10 o’clock we were already stomping along the path leading to the waterfalls. On the way to meet us, no one went, but when we reached the first waterfall, after 5 minutes the first tourists began to approach. So the place is popular and we are glad that we visit it, although rarely, but always in the «off season».

Stream on the side of the road to the falls Stream on the side of the road to the falls

Immediately when we enter the gate to the territory and the road leading to the waterfalls, we see a small artificial dolmen. A concrete structure in the form of a dolmen exclusively for photo shoots and a sign telling about what dolmens are.

Forked tree along the way Forked tree along the way

A few hundred meters through a beautiful forest and already there are the first rapids on the river and a wooden bridge over the Teshebs. Some high rapids count as waterfalls. But there are 3 high waterfalls, they are really big and spectacular. And if you count with small ones, then 7 pieces. We didn’t even focus on the small ones, we wanted to pay attention to the big ones.

Crossing the wooden bridge Crossing the wooden bridge Small waterfall below Small waterfall below

It is worth noting separately the cleanliness and landscaping of the territory, paths, benches and urns. I usually do not describe such everyday details, but here it is directly striking in comparison with many similar forest and park areas.

First spring flowers in the forest First spring flowers in the forest

Let’s describe the three largest waterfalls:


17 meters high. On the side there is an iron staircase, which, although it slightly spoils the appearance of the waterfall, but without this it would not have been possible to reach the subsequent waterfalls, and even look at the «Lace» from above, but there is something to look at. It is always spectacular to observe the energy of the water falling in the noise down.

Above the «lace» Above the «lace» Another small waterfall above the «lace» Another small waterfall above the «lace»


Height 6 meters. Small but very effectively located. It is located in the recess of the rock, around which there are many small streams of water. The rock to the left of the waterfall resembles the silhouette of a man’s face. The place is enchanting, I want to stand and look for a long time at all this amount of water flowing down from everywhere.

Shooting a video Shooting a video

👉lion’s mouth

The highest among the Gebius waterfalls, the water falls from a height of 20 meters. It is located above the Grotto waterfall, but in order not to get there, you need to go around the stairs leading up and around. This is, in fact, also a grotto, a rather closed space in which a river flows along a rather sheer wall.

We filmed the waterfall quite clearly, in a hurry, as the plans for the day were very extensive. When we were at the last waterfall, there were about 20 visitors around, we met 20 more on the way. We managed to fly only at the middle Grotto waterfall, and then not for long, the wind picked up and the drone constantly blew to the side.

On the way back in the forest we met a camel, unexpectedly. And why we didn’t see him on the way there, it’s not clear … He stood and peacefully chewed … what they were chewing there. In the summer season, you need to pay for the entrance, when we were there the entrance was free, also plus visits in the off season 😉.


🧭44.3717321, 38.6267733

Video footage from this location:

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