We will walk around Uskudar.

And it’s really bright! Such a place that combines silence, tranquility, a measured pace of life and at the same time bright and rich colors of the surrounding space. We set off for a walk in the most conservative district of the city of contrasts.

Early in the morning we take a ferry from the Fatih district in Istanbul, where our hotel was located, and set off for Uskudar. It is on its shore that the famous Maiden Tower is located, known to us from the plots of historical Turkish TV series about the Ottoman Empire.

You can read about it in our short post:


Previously, the ancient city of Chrysopolis was located here, this is in the days of ancient Greece. After that, it was conquered by one or the other. In 326, after the conquest by Emperor Constantine, he entered the Roman Empire. This part of the city was attacked by both the Persians and the Arab conquerors, and even occupied by members of the crusade. As a result, it is poured into great Istanbul and is one of its most beautiful areas.

Uskudar is one of the oldest districts in greater Istanbul. There are a huge number of old mosques, temples, churches, and just buildings.

We choose almost at random one of the streets for a walk and it seems we guessed right with the direction. On this street there are bright and interesting architectural objects. Let’s go for a walk.

The first difference from the European part of the city is calmness. Everyone walks slowly, there is no fuss, cars move calmly, such silence, whim and conservatism of the old city. It seems that people were specially collected here for the life of people according to the above signs. Fuss and hurry, then you are not to us. We are all relaxed here. Of course, the fact that we were here at about 8 o’clock in the morning on Saturday also had an effect, and the area only came to life. And in the mornings, the locals have a traditional tea party and, believe it or not, reading paper newspapers. I thought they were already gone.

The architecture of the area, at least of the street along which we walked, is something mixed from the Balat area and from the Princes’ Islands. I will write more about Balat, read about the Princes’ Islands here:

Architecture on the Princes’ Islands through our eyes. What impressed. dzen.ru

Scroll and see:

I could not pass by vegetable shops, an assortment of bakeries, and even a street shop selling fragrant herbs:

Like in many Russian cities, there is also a market on Saturdays where they sell fresh vegetables. The most interesting thing is that they are sold on the territory of the botanical garden, where some types of vegetables and herbs are grown. They grow, by the way, very neatly and beautifully, scroll through and see for yourself:

On the way up the street along which they walked, they found a Christian church behind a fence. Most likely Greek. I think it’s quite old.

While writing the article, I realized that I want to show a lot and I can’t get by with one, there will be 2 parts. In the second part, we will climb to the highest point of the region and see a lot of interesting things. We will also visit a local coffee shop and … but more on that later.

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