We go to the Molotok rock in the vicinity of Kamennomostsky

In fact, along the way we will consider a lot of other interesting things besides the Hammer. But there is a rise, on which you need to make at least minimal, but efforts. We set off on a small but interesting route.

We start moving against the current of the Aminovka River, until we see the road going up. Along the river bank we saw a lot of butterflies. Apparently we got to some mating season in their lives.

The road to the top is easy, but in some places it is quite steep. If with rest and slowly, then the rise will take no more than 30 minutes.

There are many paths upstairs, all are clearly visible and trodden. It’s hard to get lost. Actually, our goal is to reach the top and there is already a wide road that will lead to the goal.

Kamennomostsky is clearly visible from the path:

The ascent brought us to the rocks, we need to climb them, there are paths.

On a wide path on top of the ridge, as if in a park, we walk with a light gait to the Molotok rock.

There are many viewpoints along the way. From them in winter the rock we need is clearly visible, but in summer everything is green and we use it as an overview of the surrounding forest and space.

Here we are at the place. Rock «Hammer» (or the second name «Camel»), to look at which we climbed here. On a thin leg stands a rather massive head. From above, it really looks like a hammer.

I flew around with a drone, merges quite strongly with the rocks and the uniqueness is not very noticeable.

But why is the second name of the rock «Camel»? It wasn’t until we got down that we realized why. Poured camel, 100%.

We examined the lower layer of grottoes, they are heavily “painted” with paint.

Then we went to look at another interesting rock, which has the name «Window to Europe». It is located 30 meters from the hammer, well, or a camel, who cares. I don’t know whether it is geographically directed to Europe, but the place is entertaining. There is a rather impressive cliff under the window.

Further along the trail is a waterfall called «Cosmodrome». But either we were unlucky, or we got there at the wrong time, but there was very little water. Even the stream does not pull.

Perhaps you need to come in the spring during floods. Or maybe we just didn’t get there or didn’t find it, this can also be …

You can watch this walk in this video: