Our steel horse.

Most of our trips are by car. We drive on roads where it is possible to do this with all-wheel drive capabilities of the car (without overzealousness) and continue on foot. The brand of our steel horse — Mitsubishi L200 and its capabilities and a huge trunk 😍are simply made for tourists like us. We bought it new, and therefore our car “got used” only to us, and as we subtly “feel” it, so does it.

With all our love to drive further and climb higher, we don’t really torment the car off-road, although we use all-wheel drive capabilities quite often. So it turns out that we travel in any weather and mud is a fairly frequent companion of a wet southern winter and we have to get out with the help of 4×4. We prefer walking, but having reached the most convenient point by car.

Trunk 😍. It is huge and everything fits in it: five bags of things, and a kayak (folded, of course), and a couple of bicycles, a large cooler bag and much more. In the summer we live fully in the village of Dakhovskaya (Lago-Naki) and things are constantly replenished there with regular arrivals and departures of one of the family members (forgotten something, then brought, bought more, and so on), and by autumn, when it comes time to return to Krasnodar everything that is acquired must be returned home on one flight 🙈. And these are clothes, and computers, tools, great, and even 200 kilograms of organic potatoes for the whole large family 😂. And our pickup truck does it all.

We had two Niva, but they have a very small trunk, even earlier there was a Hyundai Accent, but it was such a shame to come to an interesting place and understand that the waterfall is located 15 kilometers from the highway along an “average quality” dirt road. And you can’t walk with a baby and you can’t get there without all-wheel drive.

Here he is our steel horse, friend and helper.

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