Mount Klementieva.

Freedom, real, a complete feeling of being on top of something very significant, and even a gorgeous view, although the height is not at all great. This is how we felt when we first drove here in our car. Mount Klimentyev, from here they fly on paragliders over these truly unearthly landscapes.

The landscapes really resemble space, Martian, no less, only the color of the hills is green. On one side of the stunning view of the hills.

On the other side there is a valley with a lake and a handsome reserve Kara-Dag with the village of Koktebel at the foot.

Caught Koktebel in a cloud Caught Koktebel in a cloud

And far away on the hills on the right side of the mountain (if you stand facing the sea) you can see white «balls» like space observatories. These are air defense balloons for observing the sky, military facilities, but they fit into the landscape very well and “in the subject”.

The real name of this mountain is Uzun-Syrt, a height of about 270 meters, not at all high, but separating two valleys like a ridge. At the top of this mountain, special updrafts are formed, which make this peak so attractive for paragliding enthusiasts. Ever since the Soviet era, lovers of this sport have come here from almost all over the Union to experience the feelings and emotions for which they are engaged in paragliding. The outstanding pilot who died here is Pyotr Klimentiev, he tested his new glider. In his honor, this mountain began to be called by his last name.

In the 70s of the last century, a monument to the fallen paragliders was erected on the top of the mountain, it is he who can be seen from afar when you drive along the highway towards Koktebel. The monument is 7 meters high and on top of it is a glider — a weather vane.

📍Crimea. The village of Ordzhonikidze

🧭44.999426, 35.270978

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