How not to get lost in the forest or in the mountains

I talked recently with friends of Yarik, who live in the village of Dakhovskaya in Adygea. We talked about safety in the forest and orientation on the ground. And most children do not know elementary things. But the village is surrounded by forest from all sides.

The post is aimed at novice tourists who visit the forest not so often.

We remember the lessons of life safety at school.

1️⃣When heading into the forest or mountains, make sure you have these things in your backpack:

👉Charged phone and Powerbank. Install applications with navigation on your phone (for example,, hiking trails are indicated there).


👉Raincoat or warm clothes. Even if it’s hot during the day, it’s cold at night in the mountains

👉first aid kit




👉Matches or lighter

👉Nutritious ration

👉paper and pencil



2️⃣Be sure to warn someone where, in what direction and for how long you are leaving. And study the map of the area before you go.

3️⃣Dress brightly, it is so easy to spot you in the forest.

4️⃣Be sure to check the weather forecast, preferably from several sources.

❗️I remind you that the emergency number is 112

The main causes of loss in the forest:

👉Loss of orientation

👉Health problems

About the behavior of children in the forest if they are lost:

👉If the child is lost, then let him stand still and not move anywhere.

👉Should respond by name, even if strangers call

👉Gotta scream, blow the whistle

👉Do not approach water bodies

Now for adults:

👉The sun is moving to the west. If at the entrance to the forest the face was illuminated, then at the exit it will shine in the back, but consider the time of day.

👉If you walked along the river, then you need to notice the direction of the current. Accordingly, on the way back it will be opposite. If you go with the flow, you can go to settlements

👉We listen to sounds. The signals of cars, trains, barking dogs spread very far. Like hitting wood with a stick, you can signal if there is no whistle.

👉In an open meadow, you need to build a large fire or lay out a sign from the branches

👉Any power line will sooner or later lead to a settlement

👉A raincoat is not only protection from the rain, but also a «tent»

Hope the information was helpful. Even if you are an experienced tourist, it does not hurt to remember and turn on vigilance. If you want to add, then write in the comments, it will be useful to all readers. Thank you

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