Foggy fairy forest

Photo from personal archive Photo from personal archive

In these photos, winter, January. A forest shrouded in thick fog and not an ounce of snow. Do you know how wonderful it is to be above the clouds? So, it’s great in the cloud too! Amazing nature, snow from above, wind and ski season, and just below the autumn forest and a completely fabulous atmosphere. The forest is like an enchanted one, Alexander Volkov and his work “The Yellow Fog” are remembered, this is approximately what happened in the fairy tale.

I am very glad that we are lucky to meet with various natural phenomena. From solar eclipses to lightning strikes a meter away from us 🤪. We are looking forward to meeting some of them and we hope that they will also appear in our “photo piggy bank”, northern lights, for example.

Tell us what striking natural phenomena you met? Which ones were beautiful, and which ones were scary and destructive?

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