Do you know who the Karaites are?

It’s great if you know. And I did not know for the time being … Karaites are a Turkic-speaking ethnic group that professes the religion of Karaimism. This religion is related to Judaism, but is based only on the Old Testament.

You can get acquainted with the life and culture of this people in the Crimea, namely in Evpatoria. There are Karaite kenasses, a temple of Karaites. The place is quite interesting, which I present to you in the form of a photo report in this article.

In total, there are only 30,000 people of this ethnic group in the world, most of all in Israel. Quite a lot of Karaites live in the Crimea: in Feodosia, Evpatoria, Simferopol and Stary Krym.

The community of Karaites in the Crimea existed in the 13th century. Although the language belongs to the group of Turkic languages, it had its own Karaite dialect. Nowadays, it has practically disappeared, which is unfortunate. Many languages ​​are now disappearing.

On the territory of kenassa there are many tablets written in a language similar to Hebrew. I can be wrong. I am very interested in the details of architecture that relate to a particular ethnic group, so the emphasis is not on history, but more on culture and life.

Model of the Karaim temple. Apparently, it has undergone changes and what we saw from the outside is no longer the same as it was before:

The sacred book for the Karaites is the Torah. Prophet Moses. For me, the topic is not disclosed, and the more I read, the more mysteries and interesting details are revealed. And everything interesting and mysterious is my element! And there is so much more to learn in the world!

Did you know about such an ethnic group and religious movement? Write in the comments.

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