Cascade waterfall on the Lago-Naki plateau

This is the same waterfall that can be seen from the observation point on the Lago-Naki plateau on the Azish pass (50 meters before the barrier we see a monument and binoculars to view this very waterfall). The water of the waterfall is the left tributary of the Kurdzhips, which originates not much higher, from the glaciers of the Abadzesh ridge. The second name of this attraction is “Steps of Wisdom”.

Now I will tell you how to get to the waterfall. From the most photogenic pines, which gather lovers of beautiful views and photographs, the road goes down. The trail is quite wide and «found», it’s hard to get lost.

It goes down all the time, therefore it is passed easily and effortlessly, only 200 meters, no more.

We go down until we run into a wide river, this is Kurdzhips. If we want to see the Sheep Cave, the round lake or a few other sights of the Lago-Naki plateau, then we will need to cross the river (but only in the summer, even in the heat of the cold, the cold river makes our feet cramp). But since we are going to a cascading waterfall, we don’t need to cross the river, we turn left and follow the beaten path. It would be nice to stock up on a navigator program on your phone in advance, in which all the sights are indicated so as not to pass by the waterfall, it is located in a small branch and is not immediately visible from the road. If you are interested in what navigation programs we use, then write in the comments that you need to cover this topic in future posts and I will definitely do it.

The waterfall itself is, as I already wrote, a little to the side. From the fork where we went down to the waterfall about a kilometer, very close. As you see that a tributary flows into the main river, then turn right. We walked along the path, but often crossed the river first to one side, then to the other over the stones in the channel. Thus, we saw a lot of interesting things that may not be visible from the trail.

The height of the waterfall looks more than 10 meters, I did not find exact data on the network. The view is very impressive. Clear cold water flows down the huge steps. If you climb these steps higher along the tributary bed (or along the path on the side of the waterfall), you will find several more spectacular waterfalls. They are not in our review, we will definitely take them off the next trip to the waterfall.

Summary: the route is quite short and simple, but there is one BUT. When you go back, you will have to climb, those same 200 meters, keep this in mind.

🧭44.076210, 40.000113

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