Boy’s first sport

Probably many parents choosing the first sport for their child choose swimming. I don’t consider enhanced tourism for our son in especially large sizes from 9 months old 🙈, then our Yarik “ridden” dad more. We also sent Yarik to swim at the age of 2. I must say he did it with special pleasure and diligence. Children at this age try hard. Yes, and with the coach was very lucky.

Then there were martial arts, and athletics, and cycling, fencing, pentathlon, running, kayaking … But for as long as swimming, nothing catches our son. More precisely, periodically throws, but still returns to the pool.

Now, of course, swimming is already at a different level, and dad is more involved with Yarik, who feels like in his native environment in our water (our dad does triathlon and pentathlon), and he swims perfectly.

Yarik has practically no records and medals, sports categories too. But sport in our family is a way of life. Yarik’s records are completely different and we are certainly proud of them. But the son every day in any weather runs 3 km + dumbbells and exercises for the press, well, or 12 km on a bike if the weather allows. We convey the importance of sports and activity on various examples and on our own.

What is your children’s first sport? Are there children who are persistent in sports, who set their own records and beat them, go further? On their own, without persuasion from their parents.

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