Black Archaeologist’s Trail and Dakhovskaya Cave

Another interesting place that you can go to from the village of Dakhovskaya. Small day hike but very interesting on the sights.

We climbed to the cave along the path of the «black archaeologist». She comes from the village of Dakhovskaya. From the ancient Dakhovsky stone bridge (crossing it to the side of the forest) we go along Rodnikova Street and after a few meters we see a turn to the right between the houses. This is where the trail starts. I will not write why it is called so, there are a lot of versions. I’ll tell you what kind of trail it is and what its features are.

There is a sport when very brave people (I’m not a coward, but these are really sooooo brave) on bicycles fly down the mountain at great speed 🙈. This is called Mountain biking, such an extreme sport that is very popular both in Russia and in the mountainous Adygea in particular. And now the Una-Koz ridge is simply covered with trails for descents of such athletes and amateurs. If you see it live, then uuuh, it makes its way … Here is the trail of the «black archaeologist» — this is one of these trails, and not a path for an idle climb to the ridge. What am I all for? Be careful when climbing, an athlete can fly at high speed from above. You can view a map of all such “paths” in specialized navigators for cycling, such as Trailforks.

On the way while we go we meet micro caves or grottoes. But inhabited, with bats.

Nearby they found a rock with a very pretty liana in the shape of a tree:

And another break:

And now we are already on the Unakoz ridge from below under the rock.

Cave Dakhovskaya

We move to the left to the place indicated by the coordinates. I wrote them at the end of the article.

Entrance to the cave Entrance to the cave

We climbed to the cave, here are its features:


👉A very narrow hole leads into it, they crawled on their haunches. Backpacks were left almost at the entrance, the height did not allow

👉After the hole there is a large hall, but …

👉The floor is very wet, clayey and slippery. Can fall and get dirty

👉There are many halls, but we did not go. because👇

👉There was only one flashlight, the second light was not enough. Phone flashlight doesn’t work

👉The descent back from the cave made me nervous

At the very beginning of the path to the cave there is a wide entrance:

But then it turns into a hole that can only be overcome on low squats. Get ready for the fact that the pants will be dirty, as it is also dusty.

Inside is wet, dirty and slippery. Highly! The photo shows that a mini stream flows there and the floor is like a skating rink.

Caralites on the ceiling.

The height of the hall after a narrow hole is getting wider

We did not go to the far corner of the cave. There was only one flashlight for two, and the floor was very slippery. We decided to come back here with a larger arsenal of lighting fixtures.

We climbed up to the cave, but the descent turned out to be more difficult. There was nowhere to put a foot, the «steps» are very high, the cliff is quite large. We got nervous.

We went further and found at the top another entrance to the cave. This one or the other is unknown. I didn’t have the strength to go there. We write in the goal.

Cave coordinates:

📍44.248040, 40.221920

Sights of the Unakoz Ridge

If we go further to the left, we will see several gorgeous viewpoints, a rock with a window and several grottoes.

The whole village of Dakhovskaya and the Belaya River are in full view.

And we are still on the ridge:

We move on and come to a rock with a «window» and a grotto.

Another view and we are already at the cable car. You can go down the same way on foot or pay a half ticket for the descent.

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