Winter forest, how beautiful it is!

Maybe the post will not be very useful, but I really wanted to convey the beauty of the forest and my emotions captured in these pictures.

Soon the winter is coming to an end, spring is already very much wanted. And the first flowers have already shown themselves and in some places even the trees have blossomed, but again the Krasnodar Territory was covered with snow. And today I am posting winter photos so that these beautiful snowy landscapes see the light. Just look at these wonderful winter white paintings that nature draws. Each branch is covered with fluffy soft snow, lovely. And of course, I want to find myself in this picture, despite the fact that you are waiting for spring very much.

There are so many plans and hopes for the spring 🙈, I hope that everything will turn out as it should and the plans will begin to come true one by one. Naturally, most of the plans relate to tourism and travel. And of course, we are really looking forward to a full-fledged opening of borders, so that without any conditions, certificates and other things.

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