Who is reading now

I won’t call our family a strong reader, but books play a rather important role in our lives. Oddly enough, the most reading of us is Yarik. At first, like all parents, we read books to him, a lot of books, mostly fairy tales. He was still three or four years old, we began to include the first audiobooks for him, and then he got so hooked on them that now he needs more and more new stories. We read electronic books, although the library of classic paper books is very extensive. From the «classic» all kinds of encyclopedias are read very well and excitedly, from general topics, nature, history to physics and space. I really love these thick bright and colorful encyclopedia folios and bought enough of them in my time to interest the child to this day.

Yarik’s first audiobook was, as I remember now, Chevostik’s Encyclopedia. An interesting cycle of stories from different fields of science, in a childish way. She listened to herself. And then Kir Bulychev appeared and settled in our house for seven years 😅and raised the bar of quality, content, characters and an exciting plot so high that after re-reading all his books about Alice, they could not find such interesting books for a long time. Then there was Jules Verne, and Conan Doyle, and Robinson Crusoe, stories about cowboys, pirates, adventure and fantasy. At first, audiobooks, then I learned to read, later I fell in love with reading, but invariably there are audiobooks in Yarik’s phone, especially when we drive for a long time or fly somewhere. Now the books are more serious, at the moment Isaac Asimov.

And I really love books on philosophy, psychology and motivational literature, but this does not prevent me from studying professional literature (mainly marketing … Didn’t you know that marketing is an extremely important thing for a photographer?) And, alas, rarely fiction books. And yes, I also very often resort to the help of audiobooks during routine work with my hands. Misha also reads a lot, especially professional literature, as well as literature about sports and motivation, and more fiction than I do.

This is the picture. What books do you and your children read? Advise works and books that have captured you deeply and you advise you to read them?

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