Waterfalls of the Mishoko River in Adygea and two interesting grottoes

⏱Kamennomostsky village, Adygea

In general, on the way to the Mishoko waterfalls and in the vicinity, there are a lot of interesting things for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts.

Let’s start with the fact that you can get to the waterfalls from the Kamennomostsky — Dakhovskaya highway, there is a not very noticeable sign there. If you go this way, you will definitely start with the very first waterfalls on this river. In the beginning they are not big. We somehow went this way, not the most efficient route. Nevertheless, I advise you to start the route from the Mishoko Gorge, I indicate its coordinates:

📍44.277937, 40.184922

👉On the way to the gorge, we look from above at the quarry with Lake Red at its bottom.

👉We arrived and see a picturesque gorge and an extreme park for adrenaline lovers.
👉If you drive a little further following the signs to the ranch, you can ride horses along interesting equestrian routes.
👉From the extreme park above the gorge we go along the path, which after a hundred meters will descend into the gorge, a few meters and you are at the nearest and very spectacular waterfall:

A lot of people stop at this nearby waterfall. But if they knew what beautiful waterfalls are ahead. Our maximum is about 8 waterfalls from the one we descend into from the gorge. If you count from the road (there are 3 of them as far as I remember), then in general 11 or 12 have passed in the entire history. But these are far from all the waterfalls, I only counted 17 on the map, but how many are real … In general, there are a lot of them here!

We climbed from the waterfall and here are no less spectacular landscapes:

Not all waterfalls can be passed «dry», many where they crossed the river, walked knee-deep, but not deeper. I think it’s still a summer route. We just walked up the river and admired the scenery and spectacular waterfalls. My son and a friend swam in the waterfalls.

Next waterfall:

Another one with a lagoon:

Many guided hiking trails reach this waterfall. He’s really handsome:

But we went further. Another waterfall:

Then the path led to a micro-gorge. The son decided to swim:

Next waterfall:

👉Closer to the 8th waterfall from the gorge there are two grottoes. They are located on the banks of the river, although they are marked on the map to the side. Here are their coordinates:

📍44.27585, 40.20221
📍44.27510, 40.20332

Two pretty nice grottoes. Not very deep, but interesting from the point of view of geology. They are located a few meters apart. If you go up the bed of the Mishoko River, they are located on the right bank. On some maps they are marked as caves.

👉The first grotto is “naked”, without greenery, it is very humid and rather slippery. Coralites on the vault.

Next to this grotto there are «cheesy» stone formations:

👉The second grotto is like from adventure films about the jungle. You can see it in the photo. Just right to shoot a movie about pirates hiding treasure here 😂.

You can also shorten the path, there are shorter and faster paths to these grottoes. But our goal was to visit the maximum possible number of waterfalls, which came in succession. After the grottoes was the last waterfall we saw:

Video from this trip:

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