Waterfalls 50 km from Krasnodar, Mount Sober-Bash and spring

Mount Sobor-Bash is the closest of the high mountains to Krasnodar. Its height is 735 meters, it seems not so much, but this mountain has several features. Firstly, it is really close to Krasnodar, an hour drive (50 km) and you are at the top of Cathedral-Bash. Secondly — yes, you drive a car to the top. True, not every car will drive. SUV is easy. The rest of the cars with difficulty, but you can leave them below and go on foot. By the way, many people do this, they rise with their legs, and it’s good for health, and you can see a lot of things that you miss when climbing in a car.

Mountain Sober-Bash «dining room», with a flat top. At the top there is a military unit with a radar station and a monument to the times of the Great Patriotic War. The road goes past them and heads towards the descent from the mountain on the other side. That is where we are heading.

The road through the spring forest is beautiful, there are many spring primroses along the way. And where exactly are we heading? We are heading to the waterfalls, there are quite a lot of them, but we are interested in the two main ones.

After walking through the forest for 1.6 kilometers, constantly going down, we came to a large wide road. It is called «Soberskaya round the world.» If you go along the main road, I go up to the top of Sober-Bash, this road crosses the main one (it encircles the mountain) and along it you can also get to the waterfalls, but you have to overcome the path of 5 km.

The first waterfall is called «Man’s Tears». Why is he so called? Because this waterfall is relevant only in the spring-autumn period when it is really full, the rest of the time it is as small and stingy as a man’s tear. But now, during the flood period, we found a bright and beautiful waterfall.

The second waterfall is called «Hidden» and has a height of 11 m. It got its name because it is not visible from the main road and you need to turn aside or go along the stream along its course and come to it. The waterfall is good both from above and below.

View of the waterfall from above View of the waterfall from above

Be sure to inspect it from all sides. Just go down carefully, there is a small landslide

Side view Side view

There are several beautiful “rapids” between the waterfalls, which also probably have the status of a waterfall, but do not even have a couple of meters in height. But they are beautiful and effective.

After a long descent, a long long ascent back, be prepared 😂.

🧭44.689680, 38.584714 — «Men’s Tears» waterfall. Waterfall «Hidden» after 200 meters along the stream.

Video from this trip:

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