Viewpoints on the way to the Lago-Naki plateau

We drove along some viewpoints on the way from the village of Dakhovskaya to the viewpoints on the Lago-Naki plateau. I must say right away that species here are far from all, but quite a lot. What’s special about viewpoints? Not only by the fact that from them you can see many mountain peaks, settlements and sights from a fairly high point, but also by the fact that they provide an opportunity to sit in silence with beautiful views and enjoy the sounds of nature and solitude. The second point is far from applicable to all species, many are located right on the highway, but I will try to mark places for such relaxation in the text.

Viewpoint on the village Dakhovskaya or Dakhovskaya panorama

🧭44.238788, 40.169816

The very first of the observation points that we meet along the way. A place of intensive and mass trade in souvenirs and related services

Beautiful panorama of the village and the surrounding area.

🧭44.236168, 40.153502

The next lookout, located not so far from the first. Also on the highway and also with a view of the Dakhovskaya village and the surrounding area. Here they put an interesting pointer and a bench indicating the heights of the peaks, next to which tourists are happy to take pictures. Few trade items. The trident and multiple hills before it are clearly visible.

Gazebo at the base Mountain Delight.

🧭44.203095, 40.095184

This is probably one of the most famous viewpoints on the way to the Lago-Naki plateau. To get here from the road, you need to turn towards the tourist complex «Mountain Delight». To get into the gazebo itself, you need to pay, but there is no need for this, and everything is wonderfully visible. The main thing is to be lucky with the weather. Somehow we got here in the fog and it was not visible beyond a couple of meters.

Island of love or species near the «Mountain Kuban»

🧭44.179466, 40.080919

Island of love. Amazing tourist spot in Lago-Naki.THREE WITH A CAMERAMarch 15, 2021

We were here only in winter, but we decided to include it in this list, follow the link, there is a full description of the place.

witch hill

🧭44.157590, 40.071192

Here I turned on my laziness a little and took this vantage point from the drone. It takes a little effort to get up the hill. It offers a beautiful view not only of the mountains, but also of the road. What’s beautiful on the road? And for me it’s very impressive, especially at sunset …

Viewpoint in the forest along the way

🧭44.17075, 40.07242

Beautiful and not the most popular view, just the one with privacy. There are few people here, there is a rare mention of it on the maps, the most it is to pitch a tent and enjoy the views while sitting in a sun lounger. On some maps it is designated as a “beautiful view”, it is not even considered an overview. I think it’s quite nice here.

Viewpoint near the glade Gentle

🧭44.150716, 40.073610

In fact, the views from the previous species are not much different, and the distance is not large. But this one is easier to find by the index that I left in the gallery.

Azish panorama

🧭44.11961, 40.03334

It is located near the Azishskaya cave and is great to visit together with the cave. We walk through the pine forest, breathe the mountain air and enjoy. It’s not long to go, everything follows the arrows, signs, well, or the coordinates that I indicated. We start from the Azish cave, this is a landmark and then we stomp along neat paths. Walk exactly 500 meters. And here we are at a beautiful view point. It is notable for the fact that there is a stand with an indication of all the peaks. It is very convenient and those who do not understand the peaks can study them at the same time. You can watch a video about this species here:

Species on the way to the Ozernaya cave

🧭44.0847, 40.02121

It is clear that there is no point in going here without visiting the Ozernaya cave. And the whole path to the cave, or rather the section of the path that goes along the mountain range, is a continuous view. We go to the Azish-Tau hotel and further along the road past the yoke up to the cliff. Read more in this post:

Lake Cave. Wild cave 800m from the roadTHREE WITH A CAMERAJuly 26

Species with pine trees, the most famous of all

🧭44.082758, 40.005919

The most famous of the observation points, which has a gorgeous view of the Lago-Naki plateau. Millions of people come here for this view. If you move from the lookout to the right, then there are many points of solitude and places where you can set up a campground. The views are really beautiful and as the final point of our review of such points will be a spectacular culmination. We love to be here at sunset and take photo shoots.

As I wrote above, these are far from all species, we missed a couple on the way to the plateau, and a few more after the checkpoint further along the road. But I think this list can be useful for many. Thanks for reading the article!

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