Very spectacular Navalishchenskoe gorge, Sochi.

Monument of nature. A beautiful place that made me want to swim there on Sapa. And the wish came true! This is my first gorge that I sailed on a SUP board.

Its waters are quiet and calm, just an idyll for such a pastime and a good practice for gaining SUP skills. Around the rocks and you need to constantly be on the alert so as not to crash 🙈.

The gorge is located on the Khosta River. The length of the gorge is about 1.5 km. The road to it is completely paved, although there are times when it is very narrow. On the way to the gorge, almost 100 meters from the gate to the territory, there is a beautiful mysterious forest with a small waterfall and a blue lagoon. We walked there while we waited for the gates to open.

Each branch in the forest is «braided» with moss. A very unusual sight. I advise you to stop and have a look. We intuitively saw the path and went into the forest. I saw a photo of this place several times on the Internet, which means that many people find this place.

On the territory near the gorge there is a restaurant, baths and a “beach” for relaxing on the shore of the lagoon, which is formed immediately at the exit from the gorge. The place is very ennobled, cleanliness, urns, paths, a bathroom, sun loungers. Ducks swim in the water and splash funny.

As I read the information that the Navalishchensky Gorge is very long, I wanted to return and get to its more distant points. Since the place where the cafe is beautiful, clean, but you can’t get deeper except on the Sapa. I’m still glad I swam there. We got to the territory first, around 10 o’clock in the morning. When swimming, there were practically no other tourists. I think if you come during the day and try to swim on the Sapa, then this type of recreation is unlikely to be allowed by the administration.

View of the lake at the exit of the gorge View of the lake at the exit of the gorge After the river continues its way further After the river continues its way further

From the restaurant and the «beach» on the lake there is a path to look at the gorge from above. Further, either a slightly dangerous descent down (I saw daredevils) or along the water … I choose the second. The viewpoint from above is great for a photo against the backdrop of the gorge.

This is my first gorge on Sapa and certainly not the last. Another goal in the treasury of accomplishments. In general, I fall more and more in love with canyoning and rafting in the gorges. I am intensively looking for new ones for sailing on Sap.

Gorge coordinates:

📍43.553715, 39.896212

Watch the video from the Sapa swim in this gorge:

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