USSR Museum in Sochi

Oh, this nostalgia, entrepreneurs use it, playing on the feelings of those who are behind …

But the museum is good, you can’t say anything, a collection of things from our childhood and the childhood of our parents has been collected. That for which the queues were defended, for which they went to the capital, because they couldn’t get what was in every apartment, because there was no other way. And so many memories came up…

The museum has several «departments», let’s call them that. Each contains themed items from household items to electronics, transport, toys, Soviet textbooks and sports paraphernalia. And almost every second thing was accompanied by an exclamation: «Oh, I had such a thing …». Do you know who drew us to this museum the most? Do not believe it, but Yarik. He asked me to tell you about the USSR and about what each thing served. Didn’t regret the time spent. And nostalgic, from the heart! Let’s show in detail and ponstalgiruem together.

Let’s start with items that were in almost every typical apartment. I think some still remained in everyday life, with our grandmothers for sure. And some have long since disappeared.

It was nice for the child to explain what various objects served for. We were surprised that he knew more about some than we did. He watched a lot of videos about Soviet childhood and turned out to be quite knowledgeable.

A separate «nook» of the museum is dedicated to cinema, photography, film screenings and such native filmstrips from our childhood.

Stores, how to ignore them. Soviet trade is a unique phenomenon that is still remembered today.

Transport and everything connected with it. There are a lot of samples of motorcycles and bicycles. As well as Soviet children’s vehicles.

Radioelectronics. What they hunted for was swept off the shelves if it appeared there. I remember how my parents brought reel-to-reel tape recorders from Moscow, because there were none in Krasnodar. Scroll through the gallery, I took a lot of samples of this direction.

Slot machines. What we spent coins from our pocket money on. But if you think about it, it was not such a cheap pleasure.

Who played sports? Do you remember these things?

Creativity, craftsmanship and needlework:

We turn to such native toys from childhood. I remember almost every thing. And if they didn’t own it themselves, then they saw it at someone’s place or in toy stores for sure.

Soviet school. We studied in it. I graduated from school already in the 90s, a lot of people were already on other tracks then.

And of course, state structures and bodies did not bypass the attention of the museum. Now this is a kind of photo zone, but in the days of the USSR there was no time for jokes in such offices)))

Short video from this museum:

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