Tsereteli’s legacy

Who passed in Pitsunda along the seashore could see the remnants of the Soviet past and many walls lined with mosaics. You can say: “Well, what is so unique about them?”. And I consider them a cultural value, a reflection of the era, and it’s great that they have been preserved and are a time machine in Soviet art.

Do you know who the author of these mosaics is? It turns out Zurab Tsereteli. He worked as the chief artist in the design of the Pitsunda resort. A wall was built near each building of the boarding house, on both sides of which various plots were laid out with mosaics: landscapes, birds, fish, sea animals, starry sky, etc. All mosaics are bright, cheerful and colorful. They are made of elements of different shapes and sizes. It is a pity that some of the mosaics are destroyed from time to time. I don’t know whether they are being restored or not, but I would like to hope that the works of art are still under supervision.

And Tsereteli also created the design of a large number of bus stops scattered throughout Abkhazia. I would like to collect a photo collection of at least some of them, they are really unique.

Source: my article on Instagram at this link

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