Travel and home education

Our son Yarik is in the 7th grade and has been homeschooled since this school year. I will write once that we in no way encourage anyone to this form of education, each child is individual and the approach must also be personalized. For our child, as shown by two and a half quarters, this only turned into a huge plus, both in terms of health and school performance. In addition, this is also a blessing for the family of travelers, although of course this is of course not the reason for switching to “homework”.

The first month and a half at home was certainly difficult in terms of the transition to a new regime. I made the schedule, I also followed the progress of my studies, contact with the teachers was also through me. In the second quarter, I shifted all the responsibilities completely to my son, I have only superficial control over the implementation and adherence to the curriculum.

With each teacher we have a personal agreement on how the learning process goes. For some lessons (such as English, Russian language/literature and both maths) Yarik goes to school, but communicates with teachers one-on-one. Bringing the material to the child one on one at the highest level, especially since we were VERY lucky with the teachers. Part of the lessons Yarik retells the paragraphs he studied every week, recording them on video and sending them via WhatsApp. With such control, you need to really study every week, it won’t “carry through” here and the fact that “they won’t ask” does not happen🤞. In some subjects, Yarik performs quite voluminous tests several times in a quarter, which test knowledge of the material being studied. The questions are such that you can’t find answers on the Internet at a glance, you really need to read a paragraph to complete them successfully. Tasks, exercises through watsap. There are subjects on which the fourth project is being carried out, for example, technology and music. For physical education standards + project.

And also 3 times a week a swimming pool, every day running with dad, on weekends an engineering circle, programming + tourism on an especially large scale 😂.

Lessons from textbooks and look at sites with online lessons + a couple of YouTube channels on physics and mathematics. You can study anywhere in the world, if there was an Internet.

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