Tourist breakfast.

Today I will make a review of freeze-dried tourist food for long trips. The review will be purely on our behalf and solely based on our taste.

What is freeze-dried food? This is food from which moisture has been completely removed by an industrial method. When the hike is small or car, such food may not make sense, but when every kilogram of the backpack will ride on your back for several days, then you will think about “lighter” food than tin cans with stew 🙈.

👉To cook such food, you just need to pour it into a plate and pour boiling water over it, and that’s all, after 5 minutes you can eat.

I will not say that there are only such brands, but the most common ones that we found in our city and in online stores are Gala-Gala and Leovit. There may be others, but these two are more common. I must say that most of the dishes are “firsts”, borscht, soups, kharcho and so on. We saw fewer types of porridges with different fillings. The amount of product in the packages is the same. The cost is almost identical, at the level of about 65 rubles per package. The composition of both manufacturers is excellent, meets all our environmental standards, and our standards are very high, believe me 🙈. No preservatives, dyes and other «chemistry».

Now as for the taste. It seemed to us more «rich» Leovit. There is a thicker, or something, «broth» is obtained. In «Gala-Gala» the broth is less thick, the food is restored to a normal form for eating longer, perhaps «dried» in some other way. In general, Leovit does not have time to cool down when the food is completely ready to eat. Again, this is just our opinion!

We don’t really succeed in eating one plate of such soup, there remains a slight feeling of hunger. But all this is much better than instant soups that are sold in stores with a bunch of harmful ingredients.

On photos:

👉Borscht «Moscow» brand «Gala-Gala»

👉Chicken soup with pasta «Leovit»

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