They are such nomads.

Coming to the Yandex.Zen platform, I wanted to write and share, share and write. Articles are published, there are a lot of materials and gradually their own audience began to appear. No, not like that … OWN audience. I care about each of you, and even cute haters. I try to respond to every comment. I went, in general, for a creative impulse, but began to make friends.

Let me introduce you to one channel that is close to me in spirit. Otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend it. Everything is only through acceptance and through proximity to the strings of the deep. NOMAD NOTES — people who have traveled around 30 countries, who, like us, cannot see their existence without travel. The more we are, in love with this planet, our homeland, discovering the world from different angles and showing that even small things can be interesting and amazing, the more people’s hearts will light up and eyes will open. After all, this world is beautiful in its diversity. Maybe I’m writing a little confused, but the essence of this post is this: NOMADERS of the whole world, let’s unite in flocks. After all, when traveling, a person flourishes and begins to relax not only with his body, but also with his soul. Subscribe to the channel of our colleagues,

Notes of nomads

And now in more detail. For example, here is an article about one of the Princes’ Islands from the NOMAD NOTES channel:

Let’s go for a walk in BuyukadaNotes of nomadsJune 28

As a person who has been there and also published a couple of ARTICLES, I read about the same place with rapture and noted for myself several corners of the island that I had not noticed. Well, or in a fit of joy, I ran with the camera and looked in the wrong place :)) And I’ll also note the high quality of the pictures as a photographer. They want to be seen! Which is what I did for quite some time.

Well, the video, what can I say … I am a passionate fan of «drone flights». There are a lot of them on the channel. Take at least this one over Ladoga. My thoughts are already there and I am flying with this nomad drone over a place that I really want to visit. Enjoy:

I thank everyone who read the article to the end and I hope that I will open to someone not only the world, but also beautiful people.

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