The oldest residential building in Russia

Located in Vyborg. It looks like a fairly ordinary stone building, nothing remarkable. But this is one of the few remaining buildings that have survived to our times, in which people have been continuously living since the 16th century.

The house is built from granite boulders. The walls are very thick. It is not known exactly when it was built, but historians attribute the time of construction to the 16th century. In 1640 there was a big redevelopment of the city and it is known that at that time this building was already standing. Previously, before this redevelopment, the building had other windows, more like cracks. A kind of micro fortress with loopholes that can protect residents from hostilities. So after the restructuring of 1640, the windows were expanded and an extension was added.

The building underwent some changes in the 60s of the last century. The ceilings have become higher, stove heating has been removed in favor of central heating. The house has two apartments.

The house is number 13a, located on Krepostnaya Street. Crowds of tourists constantly ply the street, who are sure to look at this attraction. We are the same. Walked around filming everything. Of course, they didn’t look into the windows, but still I think the residents don’t really like it. What is it like to live in such a house in a passable place among crowds of fellow citizens and foreigners? A woman who lives in one of the apartments replies that she lives here best of all. I saw the interview. It’s a pity that you can’t get inside, although the residents of the house are unlikely to like the crowds of tourists. And so they have to adapt to these realities.

The house many times participated as a scenery in the filming of films. Most of the films are historical. For example, the movie about Sherlock Holmes is the last one.

If we go deep into the courtyard, we saw ruins there. This is the former plant «Electroinstrument». It is written on the net that workers of this plant used to live in this very old house.

You can see about this house as part of our video from a trip to St. Petersburg:

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