The building of the headquarters in St. Petersburg.

Today I will tell you about this building with amazing architecture and sculptural ensemble. The history of the building is also interesting.

The building is located on the Palace Square in St. Petersburg. Architect K.I. Rossi, his authorship belongs to a very large number of buildings in this glorious city. The building was built from 1819 to 1828, during the reign of Alexander I it was started and completed under Nicholas I.

The architect Rossi approached the creation of this masterpiece on an extraordinary scale, and many call his architectural ensembles gigantic open-air interiors. Indeed, looking at the facades of this building, you walk like in a museum, there is an opportunity to consider not only the stucco molding and the smallest detailed details of the walls and arches, but also the stunning detail of the sculpture.

For me personally, this is a waterfall of masterpieces, you don’t know where to turn the camera the next moment, because every millimeter of the building is amazing.

Arch of the main headquarters — triumphal and travel, dedicated to the victory of Russia in the Patriotic War of 1812. On the first projects of Rossi, there was a laconic sculpture on top of the arch with two girls holding shields, but in 1825 the emperor changed and Nicholas I wished to see a more magnificent and large-scale sculpture on the arch. So this place was taken by the chariot of the goddess Victoria. The sculptures are made of gouged copper on a cast-iron frame. The bas-reliefs on the walls of the arches are made in the style of ancient Roman Empire motifs.

Now the Western Military District is located in the western part of the building, the eastern wing has been transferred to the Hermitage.

You can watch a video with this architectural monument as part of the video:

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