The bike and the whole story…

🚲I had a big one before that, an ordinary, cheap one, from a well-known sports hypermarket. Was purchased when Yarik was two years old. We went with Misha to the store and bought 2 bikes at once and a child seat for him.

They were not well understood back then. We didn’t travel actively. I remember that it was not very convenient for me. We started our bike rides several times, but more and more bikes were gathering dust in the garage.

The year 2020 begins, quarantine broke out and … Nobody gives Misha remote work 🙈, they give a pass, but the trams do not run. There is also no permit for the car. The only way out is to ride a bike to work. Thus began the active life of our family.

Misha quickly got used to the bike, over time he changed this old bike to a more solid GT and enjoys moving around the city. Then the era of triathlon began and bicycles began to be divided into urban and sports. But sport is a topic for a separate article. I will insert only photos from the last competitions.

Let’s go back to 2020. Bicycle rides began, big and very big.

Yarik is on a bike like on foot, he always had good bikes.

I rode clumsily, slowly on my old bike, and a series of injuries and falls began 😱. Some of the injuries are downright serious. And the seat rubbed so that one place healed for a long time after each trip. Seat replacement did nothing. I had to give up this type of transport, then I thought that forever 😝. I bought a Xiaomi electric scooter and it seemed that the problem for city walks was solved. But I have it designed for 25 kilometers, and our walks were often longer. A break for tea in a cafe did not solve the problem, and trips “from outlet to outlet” began 🤦‍♀️.

Misha and Yarik leaned me towards the bikes, I desperately resisted. They talked me into going to a branded bike shop just to try it out. They picked up a frame for me, the size is just for me, a wide gel seat with the memory of my fifth point. I sat down and realized that this is my ideal bike. Surrendered without a fight. It is feminine, urban, with thin and therefore excellent rolling wheels. Insanely comfortable. Nothing rubs and does not hurt. In the case of a «dangerous» situation by my standards, I jump forward without hurting myself. My max is 50+ km per day.

The conclusion is this: great is selected for a person! If you choose the first one that comes across, it can lead to injury. The bike must be of a well-known brand and despite the price, you need to choose a comfortable frame and its size! Such an experience… Perhaps it will be useful and motivating for someone to transfer to this type of transport, where environmental friendliness and benefits for the body are brought together.

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