Sights of Crimea TOP 10

We made a list, trying to diversify the types of tourist sites, correlating with the emotions received when visiting these places for the first time. Our top 10 attractions of the Crimean peninsula:
👉Genoese fortress in Sudak
A monument of medieval history built by the Genoese. Open-air museum.
📍44.843812, 34.956284

👉General’s beaches
Many coves with carved shores, clear water and amazing nature, and even a salt lake to boot.
📍45.474236, 36.240299

👉Scientific and Crimean Astrophysical Observatory
An amazing place for lovers of astronomy and astrophysics. Huge telescopes, stars in full view due to the lack of illumination and a lot of interesting information.
📍44.730572, 34.013143

👉Vorontsov Palace
I love it very much, and the very time in which it was built and the atmosphere. Every detail is a masterpiece of art. And you can walk in the park for hours.
📍44.419687, 34.054065

👉Cave city Eski-Kermen
We love it very much, so diverse, semi-wild, strikingly different from other cave cities
📍44.608412, 33.740258

👉Ghost Valley Dzhimerdzhi
A cult place where so many beloved Soviet films were filmed. Pillars of weathering, gorges, rocks, caves and the medieval fortress of Funa.
📍44.747510, 34.407442

👉Pink Lake Sasyk-Sevash
Lake with pink salt near Evpatoria.
📍45.199161, 33.422168

👉Cape Tarkhankut
The most western part of Crimea. One of the most beautiful and unusual places, with the cleanest sea and many natural attractions.
📍45.346594, 32.497601

👉Red Cave
One of the most amazing caves, in the middle of which a real mountain river flows. There are extreme routes that cover very long distances, revealing this cave in an even more amazing light.
📍44.869610, 34.343687

👉Karadag nature reserve
The reserve around the Kara-Dag volcanic massif. Huge biodiversity and a symbol of the Crimea — the rock «Golden Gate».
📍44.912907, 35.200494

I would make the top 20, it’s hard to fit everything you want in the top 10, so I’ll probably have to do a sequel 😅. Tell us where you have been from this list and about your impressions👇

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