Places in Lago-Naki that are beautiful in winter

In winter, the directions of tourism are somewhat narrowed and skiing and tobogganing come to the fore. But winter is not a reason to postpone travel until better times, and here are a few places in Lago-Naki that are beautiful in winter:

❄️Rufabgo waterfalls

Scroll through the gallery, it looks amazing!

When the streams of the waterfall are ice-bound, the place becomes truly magical! The frozen streams look like the castle of the snow queen, forming bizarre arches and ice grottoes.

❄️Dakhovsky bridge

Beautiful in winter, especially during snowfall. And come up for a photo shoot convenient for all parties. And along the bridge you can walk into the forest 100 meters deep, very beautiful nature overlooking the river.

❄️Gazebo on the territory of the complex «Mountain mood»

An excellent viewpoint with a gazebo covered in snow. A great place for beautiful winter photos. And it’s easy to get there by almost any car.

❄️Territory of the hotel Gornaya Kuban

Here in winter there is a special atmosphere, fabulous without exaggeration. Whichever way you turn the camera, everything is fine. And the lake, and the bridge, and snow-covered houses. And also rabbits in winter coats and ducks swimming along the «fairway» between the ice shores.

❄️Island of love

A magnificent place with gorgeous views, 300 meters from the Gornaya Kuban Hotel. Therefore, take a walk first on its territory, and then go here. Snow-covered pines, a winter forest and a snow-covered swing almost at the very edge. Great place for a walk.

❄️Obzornaya on the rock Iron

Beautiful in both winter and summer. One of the best viewpoints on the snowy plateau. Winding pines on a cliff and stones covered with snow. A real winter fairy tale.

❄️Camp site Nezhnaya

Beautiful houses among very tall pines. In winter, just a perfect fairy-tale picture.

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