On the reverse side of the Karadag nature reserve, Crimea.

Many people know this famous Karadag reserve with unique flora and fauna. Massive, mysterious and truly alive.

There are guided tours in the reserve. There are hiking trails and sea trails. Both have been tested and I will say that in order to feel the full power of this place, you need to go through both.

Somehow wandered from the back side of the reserve. Not from one side by the sea in the village of Koktebel, nor from the other from the side of the village of Kurortny, but, as it were, from behind, from the side of the highway from Koktebel to Sudak. I won’t name the place right away, it seems in the area of ​​​​the village of Shchebetovka. Judging by the memories and the map of the area, this is in the area of ​​​​Friendship Street, there is a lake there.

There are also warning signs that the border of the reserve passes here. We are law-abiding, we did not violate the border, but we were amazed that just by driving off the highway to the village we saw so much beauty.

The picture just unbelievable opened before our eyes. Almost Tuscany. A lovely lake with ducks and goats, houses and an extraordinary landscape. This is really a wonderful place and our habit of turning into the first turn that comes across leads to successful shots.

When the sun is gentle and the weather is not hot, you can spend hours here enjoying the silence and delighting your eyes with landscapes, the smell of herbs and the singing of birds.

This place is located on a hill and from here the village of Koktebel and the houses located at a small distance from it are clearly visible. I shot with a telephoto lens, because it seems that the houses are very close. In fact, at a palpable distance.

The grass on the slopes is low, steppe, with small flowers. A lot of spikelets.

What is the conclusion from this whole story? Be curious and don’t be afraid to deviate from the route to find out «what’s there». “There” after all can be very interesting. This is how new places are opened and new routes are created.

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