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I continue what I started in the previous article. I walk one December day in the icy Zheleznovodsk. You can read the start here:

Zheleznovodsk and glaciation. Fabulously beautiful. THREE WITH A CAMERADecember 9

From the rotunda I move about 50 meters towards the museum of local lore. I have high expectations, and I want to warm up. On the way I meet one furry, who is happy with any caresses, if only with warm hands and food.

Next to the museum is the Intercession Church (built in 1996). I removed the building and the icy bells of the chapel.

Well, now we go down to the museum itself. It is located on two floors, the first and zero, or something. Let’s call it two levels. Because it’s on the side of a mountain. On the lower floor archeology, geology, nature, about local waters, geography. On the second ethnography, the years of the Second World War and heraldry.

Expectations were too high, the museum is small, even tiny, but the museum staff are very sincere people, they gave a tour, told about every corner and exhibits. I understand that large collections, including those with finds from these places, are located in larger central museums in Pyatigorsk, for example, or in Stavropol. However, I think it’s worth visiting. The ticket price is 100 rubles.

The museum is located on Lermontov Street, 3.

Having warmed up and having plenty of conversation with the museum staff, I turn around 180 degrees and move past the same Pushkin Gallery towards the drinking gallery and the fountain.

Many paths, by the way, were blocked by caring employees of the park. The paths of the terenkur are a skating rink. She walked along the central alley, trying to move quickly under large trees so as not to fall under falling branches.

Smirnovsky spring with the most valuable medicinal drinking water. It was closed, like other institutions and organizations that day. Didn’t get inside, walked around.

Smirnovskaya mineral water is similar in composition to Slavyanovskaya, it is very useful for the stomach and the entire gastrointestinal tract as a whole. She has helped millions of people cope with severe illnesses.

Let’s walk a little more around the fountain and the gallery and look at the details of the park exterior:

A cascading staircase descends from the fountain, beautiful, majestic and probably with an abundance of beautiful sculptures and details. But on this day it was not a ladder, but a skating rink. We did not check our shoes for stability, we know that they are not so high, we decided to visit this attraction in other seasons.

We return to the car, continuing to admire the snow-covered streets.


The tracks, of course, are rolled out, there is no ice on them. On the way, I shoot nature literally on the go from the car window.

It was already deep in the afternoon, and it was still necessary to make a forced march to Krasnodar, so they chose the Kurortny Park and the mud bath named after him for a walk. Semashko.

With a quick step they ran to the bathroom building of Nicholas II or the Nikolaevsky baths. The building is in working order. Since the 90s of the last century, mud therapy has not been carried out here anymore (there are other medical institutions for this), but healing with local mineral waters is carried out here with success.

The building has the shape of an almost perfect square with a circle inscribed inside and galleries connecting them. I also hope to visit it in the future.

Opposite the bath complex are a couple of sculptures, apparently dating back to the time when the complex was built.

Well, the famous building of the mud baths. Semashko. Built in 1915 in a style based on elements of Roman architecture. Roman monumental portico, columns, sculptures and stone lions.

Inside there are a huge number of paintings and bas-reliefs, a dome of light and black furniture. But we were already under closure and it was not possible to evaluate it all.

This is a one day walk. Winter and full of amazing snowy landscapes. How does the surrounding space, covered with white snow, change.

Good luck to everyone and have a great end to this eventful year!

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