Lake of lotuses and water lilies in Adygea

My son and I were sitting in our Dakhovskaya and the idea came to illuminate the surrounding villages with our and your attention. Small and distant, as well as quite large. And while studying the map in detail, we stumbled upon such a wonderful place. Naturally, they immediately rushed off.

In the village of Tulsky, which is located in Adygea near Maykop, there are several more sights worthy not only of visiting, but also of close attention. I will tell you about these places in the very near future. Today I will tell you about a wonderful lake with magical flowers.

This miracle lake is located, as I already wrote above in the village of Tulsky, we drive by car right to the lake itself. The territory is very clean, well-maintained, good parking and they drink delicious herbal tea. The territory is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., but as I was told by call, you can arrive earlier if you have a global business, for example, shooting lotuses and water lilies at dawn.

Many, by the way, do just that, shoot time-lapses of the disclosure of these beautiful natural creatures.

Water lilies are deep pink, lotuses are lighter. If you decide to come, then do it before 11-12 noon. Later, the flowers begin to close and you may not find the beauty itself.

On the territory there are gazebos, some going into the water. They can celebrate holidays with a small company. And also a raft, they ride on it and there is an opportunity to swim up to remote places of the lake and see the flowers there. I recommend the place!

The village of Tulsky and a piece of the lake The village of Tulsky and a piece of the lake

You can see about this lake in the video:

Lake coordinates:

p. Tulsky, st. Embankment 3, a

44.506859, 40.165524

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