Kara-Dag nature reserve, hiking route

You can look at the beauty of the Kara-Dag reserve in two ways: one is by water, on boats departing from the village of Koktebel or from the village of Kurortnoye and the second, on foot. Today we will talk about the second route, although I will describe the first one and show it a little later.

Karadag nature reserve

Some background information about the reserve itself. It is located in the southeastern part of the Crimea and covers an area of ​​almost 3000 hectares. In the reserve, with a serious and scientific approach, they study the fleet and fauna of this place, because it is really unique here. The year 1979 is considered to be the year of the reserve’s formation, although local biodiversity has been studied here since 1963, when the Karadag scientific station was formed as part of the Institute of the Southern Seas. It is known that Academician A.P. Pavlov argued back in 1922 that this place should be made a protected area, because the flora, fauna, landscape and forms of the Karadag rocks could compete with the famous Yellowstone National Park.

Museum of Nature

We started our hiking route from the village of Kurortny. First of all, all visitors are taken to the Museum of Nature.

Here we were told about insects, birds, mammals, sea inhabitants, plants and geological diversity of the reserve.

But the most important thing that they wanted to convey to us is that the nature of the reserve is not all “white and fluffy”, there are dangerous plants and dangerous species of insects. Some are deadly. Therefore, tearing everything in a row and deviating from the path can be with consequences. Pure warning…

Since we touched on flora and fauna, here are some data:

👉The variety of flora in the reserve is more than 2500 species. Some plants are unique. Some grow only here, and these are more than 50 species. Many plants are listed in the Red Book.

👉Fauna — more than 5000 species! Mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, insects, arachnids, molluscs and many more. Many Animals are also in the Red Book.

👉We will also mention more than 80 species of fish, aquatic animals, several species of dolphins

👉Previously, there was a quarry for the extraction of semi-precious stones, namely carnelian and agate, on the territory of the reserve. Fortunately, the quarry was closed.

Then there was a short walk around the territory of the scientific station, valuable safety instructions on the route, and here we are, as part of a group, advancing to the reserve.

What a beauty, blooming cacti, right at the beginning of the route:

I wouldn’t call it an easy route. What you really need is water, lots of water. You want to drink very much, especially if you come here in the summer.

All movement along one path, no step to the right or left without instructions from the instructor.

Further, rocks of a bizarre shape begin and outcrops of semi-precious stones and valuable rocks on the surface of the rocks. We listen to the most interesting excursion and admire the dizzyingly magnificent views.

Rock Ivan the Robber Rock Ivan the Robber

I really wanted to see what the Golden Gate looks like from above. After all, it is a symbol of the Crimea. The rock is beautiful, especially against the background of the sea of ​​this color.

Golden Gate of Crimea Golden Gate of Crimea

Next, we approach the famous Gingerbread Horse rock. Only the lazy did not take a picture on it from above …

I can’t help but share the views from the trail. Well, it’s amazing!

At the end of the hike, the rock «Devil’s Finger». We listen to the legends about the magnetic anomaly near this place, examine the surrounding rocks and arrange a long-awaited halt.

On the way back, we will go along the lower path, all the beauty cannot be bypassed again. You can go down to Koktebel, but we don’t have a car there.

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