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I’ll tell you about one of the sports hobbies of our family. A few years ago, our son Yarik was crazy about having a kayak. This is such an inflatable «boat» for rafting on the river or swimming in reservoirs.

By the way, the kayak is quite heavy. Bringing it to the river is an occupation for an adult man, a child will not even lift a backpack. Therefore, we drive by car as close as possible to the river so that it was not far to carry.

So, our son received a kayak as a gift in late autumn. We bought a kayak in a sports shop, triple. The purchase was immediately “washed” with the waters of the Krasnodar reservoir, in calm water.

And then every summer the kayak began to leave with us to the dacha in Dakhovskaya to plow the water expanses of the Belaya River, mountainous and stormy. At first they swam cautiously, then actively, and now even in some extreme places.

There are already two children, they took a friend with them for swimming There are already two children, they took a friend with them for swimming

Yarik and Misha swim on it, it’s still mine to calmly move through calm water on a sap surf (which we don’t have yet, but there is a great desire to have it). But while there is no SUP, they promised me to kayak on calmer rivers and even bought me a wetsuit to keep me warm.

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