Industrial tourism, a new interesting travel direction

Do you know what industrial tourism is? This is tourism for production, industrial or manufacturing, agricultural or large commercial enterprise, bank, administrative or large office and IT organizations, construction sites, laboratories, medical institutions or theater stages.

By the nature of my work, I also do photography for companies. Getting into this enchanting world of buzzing technological processes, the chirping of machines, the hum of workshops, I personally feel a real delight.

You are immersed in the process of producing a product, whether it is gorgeous clothes, creating scenery, making cheese, water, sausage or candy, the hum of servers, building houses, rehearsing a play, or birthing a marketing idea within the walls of a large office. It’s all mesmerizing. Like a child, I absorb every moment of the creation of the “new”. Maybe someone will not share my emotions, but I love this kind of «pastime».

And here I had an idea, maybe I’m not the only one? Maybe there are other people who might be interested? This is such a rather rare type of tourism, but very interesting and, most importantly, very useful for young people, career guidance, so to speak. I would be very interested in filming processes for a wider readership. Write if this is interesting to my readers and subscribers and which direction to choose?

About the company in today’s article

An amazing and amazing enterprise for sewing children’s clothes, modern, powerful production, huge volumes, highly qualified personnel and very competent managers. And how the process is debugged, a feast for the eyes! This is what schoolchildren need to be shown, such examples should be used to introduce professions.

I went with the head of this factory through all the stages of creating their products. How everything here is imbued with the love of each employee for their work, what an ability to organize these processes, launch and maintain at the proper level. Delight!

Here’s a hike. Many thanks to the head and creator of this wonderful factory for the opportunity to delve into the intricacies of sewing and creating clothes for babies and the opportunity to film absolutely all processes.

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