How we made ourselves an interesting life

There are only two ways to live life. The first is that miracles do not exist. The second — as if there are only miracles around. (Albert Einstein)

If you ask people what the ideal life is, most of the respondents will answer that they want to travel a lot. Namely, to see a lot of new things, to expand the boundaries physically and your horizons. And of course, many associate travel with recreation. And any switching of attention to something else is also a rest.

There are people (and I know them personally) who always live traveling, from the word CONSTANTLY. They come to their hometown every couple of years to see their relatives. The rest of the time they are worn around the world. They know the tricky schemes of leaving on certain days through the necessary borders and entering back so that the documents are valid and they are not sent back to their homeland 🙈… They know how to make a living for such a freely wandering inhabitant of the world, but they do not always know where they will have to spend the night today and what to eat . For some, this lifestyle is ideal. As a rule, these are people without children, who are not held by anything, or such «loner wolves» who rely only on themselves.

And for me, ideally, when the trips are completed, they bring home, to their nest, warm and cozy (well, or cool, depending on where and when 😅). Breaks are also needed. It’s like for me … but still it’s great that all people are so different and we can watch people traveling “to the fullest” through social networks.

In order to travel a lot, you need to have an income that these trips will pay off. Namely, work and lack of time is usually a deterrent to travel. Talking about how we allow ourselves to travel so much.

👉I am a photographer, my income is exclusively piecework. Basically I’m a freelancer, which is really cool for traveling. As a rule, the peak of work falls on September — October and then December, the rest of the time the work is free, that is, there would be a tablet (laptop) and the Internet. Real shooting takes place about 50 — 80 days a year, the rest of the time is processing, making photo books, working with photo banks and blogging.

👉Our son Yarik is educated at home and, in fact, is also a free bird. Most of the items are online. This form of study was chosen for several reasons, but the opportunity to travel is a very nice bonus.

👉Misha is the only one of us who works full-time at the enterprise and goes to the office, he is a design engineer. But adjusting to one is easier than building schedules for all family members.

Yarik and I often get into the car and together we go for a week or two to our house in the mountainous Adygea in the village of Dakhovskaya, walk through the forest and go to the mountains. From there we bring a lot of beautiful pictures. If the three of us manage to go somewhere, then it’s great. For the summer, Misha switches to the “online” mode of operation for certain reasons, and then we travel in plenty.

The financial side of the travel question lies in the tight budget and planning for the upcoming trip. Self-catering, cooked in a mobile “kitchen” from semi-finished products or dry rations (reviews will soon be on our channel), accommodation in pre-planned and booked places or campsites, a tent. Expenses are essentially only for gasoline (when traveling by car) and tickets to attractions.

If you didn’t have to take care of the financial side of the issue (and of course some borders wouldn’t be closed like now) would you travel? Would you return home? Or would you sit in a mobile home and go through the cities and villages?

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