How to teach a child to love nature.

For the faint of heart and those who do not accept such a form of communication with the animal world, please do not watch 🙈. Moreover, I absolutely understand those people who do not accept such communication, I also do not accept a lot of things in my life and this is very different from others. Let’s give everyone the right to be themselves!

But this is what it is and I can pick up any living creature, from a frog and a spider to a snake and a crocodile (under the condition of safety, of course, I still have a self-preservation instinct, although the bar is lowered) and I will even stretch my hands to cats of especially large sizes in the form of tigers 😂. It’s a joke about tigers, of course, but in every joke …

Here in the photo you can see the first acquaintance of our son with amphibians. I was doing some work in our yard in the evening and saw this green (or brown, gray 🤨) miracle that was jumping on the tiles. Of course, she grabbed and dragged her to show her son. Three years is such an age, everything is interesting to them, everything needs to be seen live, touched, tasted. Do not be afraid for Yarik, he did not eat the frog, but he looked at it for a long time and asked to turn it over with his back, then with his belly, gently stroking it with his finger. After meeting the animal was sent to the same place in which I caught it, I hope the frog did not receive much stress.

And this is how our son grew up, seeing how mom and dad are not afraid of anything living 😂. I don’t know if this is good or bad, but once there was such a story: our son (Yarik was 4 years old) came up to us, and he had a live wasp on his hand. He strokes her with the finger of the other hand, gently like that, and she crawls along her arm and does not seem to be going to sting, everything suits her. I was so scared, but I can’t show it, I’ll scare the child and he can commit the wrong actions, which can lead to the insect’s negative behavior. And Yarik raised his hand up and said: “Fly, bee, fly,” and the wasp flew away 😲. Then, of course, there was a lecture on self-defense of insects, their sting and the differences between bees, wasps and bumblebees. This did not discourage love for all living things, but intelligibility appeared 😅.

Now my son is already 14, he still notices a moth, a snail and a beautiful bird and will definitely say something good about them. And we, as parents, are happy that not a single insect (and even more so an animal) was crushed, maimed or mockingly killed by our son, of course, on purpose (inadvertently, anyone can step on a bug and not even know about it), the only exception is mosquitoes 😬, but This is where self defense comes into play. Love for all living things is laid in early childhood.

This baby came to people on his own, realizing that he would gain protection, apparently he was left without parents. When he grew up and got stronger, he also left on his own … This crumb came to people on his own, realizing that he would gain protection, apparently he was left without parents. When he grew up and got stronger, he left on his own …

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