How to shoot stars with a mobile phone

Today there will be a master class or lesson on how to shoot the starry sky with an ordinary smartphone. I have a mobile phone on the android system, a good smartphone and satisfies absolutely all my requirements. Also, I’m not averse to experimenting with manual camera settings, which give more extensive opportunities for shooting.

What you need to shoot the starry sky:
👉First, understand if the phone has a manual mode or “Pro” mode, like in my smartphone.
👉You need to shoot the stars away from the city, the higher the better, it will be ideal in the mountains. In the city, urban illumination interferes.
👉The weather should be clear and without clouds.
👉It is advisable to think about a tripod or something on which you will mount or install the phone, because for shooting stars we will set a rather long shutter speed, it will not be possible to remove it from our hands!

Now for the camera settings:
👉Go to the «Pro» mode and set the shutter speed (S) — 15 (16 or close to it) or 30 seconds, on most cameras this is the maximum value. And by experiment, we check which of these two values ​​\u200b\u200bis suitable. The rest of the parameters can be left «auto».
❗️Don’t forget to mount your camera on a tripod or stand.

If you want to appear in the frame, then you first need to stand in the right place and stand all the time without moving for all 30 seconds, if you run away after a while, then the stars will superimpose on your image like in my photo 🙈, you will be in a dot 😂. And yes, the car in the photo was illuminated from the side with another phone, brighter illumination is not needed, there will be overexposure.

Photo of the road — I dabbled on the way back with the same camera settings, it also turns out unusually:

If you have any questions — write, I will try to answer as detailed as possible.👇

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