How and why to love winter

I didn’t like winter before, honestly. In Krasnodar, winter is almost not winter, but more often the “rainy season”. But all the same, she waited like a bear in hibernation, almost without showing her nose to the street. The cold was very hard to bear.

My favorite seasons have always been spring and autumn. Summer is slightly guilty of its unbearable heat, but the benefit is where to run in the summer, where the climate is more pleasant 😉.

Either I’m growing up, or my tastes are changing, but I’m starting to fall in love at this time. And the cold doesn’t bother me like it used to. Lots of fun in winter. I love the silence of the snow-covered streets, because the snow muffles the sounds. I like to look at the falling snow, illuminated by street lamps, illumination or car headlights. And the beauty of almost any place covered with snow.

As never before, I walked a lot this winter in the snow with a camera. Of course, there is an incentive that I need content for this blog 😊, but it’s still great to shoot nature and the city in a beautiful state.

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