Harness for the peace of mind of parents on a hike

This is just a lifesaver! A magnificent invention for the tourist world, which allows, among other things, the parents of a small tourist to remain calm and control the movement of the baby in the face of dangerous paths, mountains, rocks, caves, and so on. How many times she saved our nerves and Yaroslav’s «integrity». Now in order:

We bought this miracle device in an ordinary tourist store, took the smallest size it was, the first year it was really big, but it performed its functions. And the functions assigned are as follows: a rope three meters long is tied to the harness on a special knot (the knot was taught to knit in the same tourist shop, nothing complicated, I remember the first time), when descending from a cliff, the child on the harness is neatly grouped (the harness is designed so that he was grouped) and Misha lowers the baby down on that very long rope, and I pick it up from below. It turns out very safe for the child and all his organs are protected thanks to the grouping. If there is an ascent to the rock, then Misha also pulls the baby up, and I insure from below.

How many injuries we have avoided, you have no idea. Strapping is a brilliant invention! True, it looked from the outside as if we were leading a child on a leash 😂. But it didn’t matter to us. Now Yarik, of course, has grown up and cannot be supported on the harness, but until the age of 8-9 we actively used it.

And one more addition: since childhood, Yarik was taught to group his head when grouping on a harness, too, this is important! Subject to this rule and the care of parents, this wonderful accessory will be a great helper!

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