Gorges «Wolf» and «Bear Gates».

Many Krasnodar residents think that beautiful gorges are far away in the mountains or where one has to walk for many days. We are opening an interesting place for you 30 kilometers from Krasnodar with four small but very colorful gorges.

The gorges are located on the northern slope of the Pshaf ridge, not far from the village of Chibiy and the larger village of Kaluzhskaya (many who like to go to the forest for mushrooms know it).

The route to the gorges starts from the last house of the village of Chibiy (it is located 5 km from the village of Kaluzhskaya). We find a monument and from the monument along a good trodden path we go along the stream up towards the Pshaf ridge.

There are signs on the trees where to move, some are made «with a twist» in the form of shoes.

On the way along the bank of the stream there will be very beautiful picturesque places, on some you can arrange a halt if you get tired on the road, although the path to the gorge is not far at all. In some places, in order to get through in the spring (the flood played a role), we had to jump over small streams of the stream.

Gorges «wolf gate» and «bear gate» are marked on almost all maps in mobile navigation applications. There are two gorges of the Wolf Gate, one main and the second, a little to the right, a small one.

Great Gorge «Wolf Gate» Great Gorge «Wolf Gate»

The gorge is narrow (relative to the “bear gate”), but a person will freely pass through the entire gorge and exit in the other direction. We did not go far through the gorge, the abundance of snow and the flowing streams from melting prevented us.

The small gorge of the «Wolf Gate» is located slightly to the right and above the large ones (a slight rise towards the ridge).

Small gorge «Wolf Gate» Small gorge «Wolf Gate»

There is no direct road between the gorges, this is important! You need to visit one gorge, then return to the fork and go to the second. But we did not look for easy ways and went straight and hit very hard: sharp ascents and descents, windbreaks, impassable thickets, and so on. Do not repeat!🙂

There are also two bear gorges, they are smaller, but wide.

First Bear Gorge First Bear Gorge

On the bear gorge, there is also a fork in the road leading to both «bear» ones. There is very little distance between them and there is no direct road either.

Second Bear Gorge Second Bear Gorge

Many beeches grow near the bear gorges and we found nuts “chinariki”, which “clicked” with pleasure along the way.

During the Second World War, fierce battles took place in these places near the Pshaf ridge. The location of our troops on the ridge had a very advantageous position, because from the ridge there was a magnificent view of the entire valley. Until now, many find cartridge cases from those times there, carefully look under your feet 😉.

Location coordinates:


📍44.667501, 38.976633 Wolf Gate

📍44.668297, 38.972431 Bear gate

Video from this trip:

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