General beaches.

A real paradise for the wild! Incredible landscapes, carved shores, quiet cozy coves, rock formations, herbs, huge jellyfish and many birds.

The name of this place is controversial, someone says that the generals rested here with their families, someone that there was a stronghold for the generals during the testing of nuclear weapons at the secret test sites of the Crimea. I do not know the exact version, but it is not so important. The place itself is extraordinary!

A dirt road leads to the beaches from the village of Kurortnoye. In dry weather, the road is very comfortable, but it seems to me that it will be hard on low cars. Especially when descending into the bays. And there are a lot of bays here.

Several kilometers of the beach simply consist of small cozy coves where you can retire with your company. Naturally, no housing is provided here, only wild rest in your tent. There is no public transport here either, only by car. Some bays have names and are quite popular among tourists. The shores are sandy.

The clean air, the scents of herbs and the views are breathtaking. Here it is a corner of purity and more or less untouched nature. Here you can see a lot of snake holes, but not a single snake was seen. I think if you do not touch them and do not disturb them on purpose, then they do not pose any danger.

There are also a lot of birds. Divers talked about a huge number of large jellyfish, and the marine fauna here is diverse.

What else is interesting about the General’s beaches:

👉Chokrak pink lake, you can read about it here:

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👉There is some kind of fortress, but it is fenced, there is little information, I will look

👉Karalar natural park. Untouched by people nature and amazingly beautiful steppe zone with all its diversity of flora and fauna. Especially amazing during flowering. Didn’t visit either, I’ll put a tick for myself.

Coordinates of the General’s beaches:

🧭Crimea, p. Kurortnoe.

📍45.476168, 36.260476

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