Chokrak lake.

I’ll tell you about another pink lake. Not always and not quite pink, but at certain times of the year it is quite painted in a shade close to pink. Yes, and it is much closer to Krasnodar, for example, who is traveling from the other side.

You can read about another pink lake Sasyk-Sevash in Crimea in this article:

Earth’s Pink SaltTHREE WITH A CAMERAFebruary 15, 2021

But if this lake is located near Evpatoria, then Chokrakskoye is close to Kerch.

From above, it is almost pink, especially in comparison with the blue sea water. But up close, it’s more rusty, well, or orange. It depends on what time of the year and with what attitude to look at this water.

The lake is located on the so-called «General’s Beaches», on the Kerch Peninsula. It is separated from the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov by a thin «oblique», wide for the passage of cars plus a few meters of the coast. Nearby is the village of Kurortnoe. The nearest large city is Kerch.

The width of the lake is just over 3 km. The lake is fed by underground sources (some hydrogen sulfide), the sea and several small gullies flowing into it. There is even a source of drinking mineral water on the shore of the lake. The mud of the lake is curative, it helps from many ailments.

There are hills around the lake, from which a very beautiful view of Chokrak and the seashore opens, from above you can clearly see how their color differs, you could see this in the photos above.

Of course, Lake Chokrakskoye is not as popular as Lake Sasyk-Sevash near Yevpatoriya, but for those who travel to the stunningly beautiful carved General beaches, it will be interesting to visit it, especially since you will not drive past it. I’ll tell you about the General’s beaches in the next posts.

Lake coordinates:

n. Kurortnoe. Crimea

45.466064, 36.307741

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