Canyoning in Adygea, waterfalls and gorges of the Sakhrai river.

Sakhray is a small river only 31 km long, but it has some of the most beautiful natural attractions. Several waterfalls, gorges and stunning scenic views. The river is formed from the confluence of the Big and Small Sahrai. The river flows into the Dakh, which then in turn flows into Belaya.

Sahraya canyons (or gorges) are places where the river is squeezed by winding rocks on both sides and clear transparent water flows in this space. You can approach the gorges both from above and go down to the lagoons with clear water at the exit from the gorge. The water is cool even in summer, what you need in the heat. But I don’t climb into such water, it’s cold for me at any time of the year. But the husband and son can swim everywhere like fish. Husband even in January in the Belaya River 😮🙈.

You can get to the upper canyon from both villages. A lot of tourists are brought here in off-road vehicles. If you decide to drive yourself, then you definitely need to drive an SUV, another car may simply not be able to reach it or be damaged. On our first VAZ 2101 car, we tore off the muffler here on one of the trips 🙃.

Let’s start in order and follow the river downstream. Photos will not be from one trip.


Place coordinates: 📍44.13375, 40.31127

There is a waterfall, and a gorge, and a bunch of lagoons. A whole natural water park. You can watch a detailed video about this place in our video:

There are several more waterfalls and waterfalls, small rapids and interesting places upstream the Sahrai, but they are quite far away, there is practically no road there, and these canons and waterfalls will amaze you for sure, be sure.

On Mankin noise there is a waterfall and a small canyon.

Waterfall Mankin noise Waterfall Mankin noise Entrance to the gorge Entrance to the gorge Gorge at the exit Gorge at the exit

The lagoons here are quite deep, you can safely dive, it is not always possible to reach the bottom


Place coordinates: 📍44.151848, 40.295545

A very spectacular canyon. Sahrai is sandwiched between narrow high canyon walls. It has several rapids and waterfalls that can be seen from the top of the canyon. From the water, they can only be seen if you swim in a kayak or SUP board, which I did:

We stopped at the road in the place indicated by the coordinates (there are marks there), reached the river, examined the canyon from above.

Then the path smoothly goes to the exit from the canyon. It is incredibly picturesque.

Then I got up on the SUP and went swimming:

The lagoon at the exit of Sakhray from the canyon is quite deep, ideal for swimming:


Place coordinates: 📍44.16275, 40.2981

Due to the popularity of this place, there are always a lot of cars, people, and we avoid such places, because we were here to shoot the waterfall for a very long time. Pictures only from a film camera in the archive, already ashamed. Nothing, we’ll be back as soon as possible and shoot. Most likely in the fall, when there will not be so many people in front of the waterfall.


Place coordinates: 📍44.17423, 40.29977

When the river is a little less rough, there is a clear division into three streams, judging by the photos on the network of other travelers. There are two of them in the photo.

This place is also worth a visit.

It is worth noting that several rivers flow into Sahrai, which also contain both small gorges and waterfalls. We have been to some and will definitely describe them in the future.

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