Both free and non-free horses in the Caucasian Reserve

On the territory of the Caucasian Reserve, in the mountains and in the foothills, there is multiple grazing of horses, in small groups, but quite common. It seems that they are free horses, even the legs are not bandaged, but at the same time they are the master’s, with bells and a brand on the body.

This is probably the best state for the master’s animals in terms of will. And plenty of herbs, and movement is not limited. I don’t know why they are raised, but there are a lot of foals in herds. All horses are clean and tidy, and their home is the endless expanses of wildlife.

By the way, these horses are very shy. It is not clear why, like people see often. I don’t think that tourists can somehow react negatively and offend animals peacefully grazing on the grass. I, with my love for all living things, cannot pass by 😂and will definitely climb to communicate, whether it be an insect, a cat or a dog, or a horse. And these horses rush into the loose. A rare horse is suitable in order to get a tasty treat.

And we also once saw how herds of incredible length of several kilometers were driven to these pastures in the spring in the spring.

An incredible sight, power 💪, such energy from these animals running with a clatter and snort. So they winter somewhere below, not in the mountains. They go to the mountains only for a warm period. And I wonder where so many horses are kept in winter and what do they feed this whole horde? In summer, it is pasture food.

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