Attitude towards animals in Istanbul.

There is a special attitude towards animals in Istanbul. There are multiple stories about how Istanbul people love cats. But we saw that they feed and take care not only of cats, but also of dogs and birds.

There are an incredible number of cats here. All kinds of colors, large and medium sizes, thin and especially well-fed, shy and easy to make contact. Cats and cats are everywhere, in abundance. There was not a single quarter where we did not see at least one representative of the feline squad.

There are cat houses throughout the city. Some houses have fabric rugs of various types and colors. Apparently, residents, in caring for animals, bring unnecessary old clothes or fabric from home so that they do not freeze during cold weather.

Cats are allowed a lot. They are located on the transport of citizens, they can climb into the bottom shelf of a stroller with a sleeping child and no one will think to expel him from there.

Most of all, we were surprised to see a large number of seals in mosques. They calmly walk freely inside, sleep curled up on carpets and climb on the hands of parishioners sitting on the carpet.

On the streets, too, some special impudent people can easily jump into the hands of the townspeople calmly drinking morning tea. Well, or just quietly standing on the street, so it was with our son. Yarik just gaped and got this miracle in his hands. The cat just froze and decided to warm up, and then went about his business.

Most of all, we were surprised by this sign on the street of Istanbul warning drivers to drive carefully due to the fact that many cats live here.

Cats are fed in abundance. Another thing is that the competition here is also high. Several times we saw how during the day people put a bowl on their windows on the first floors and poured food into it. Accordingly, the animals gathered to their usual places of food.

On the Galata Bridge there are fishermen who catch big fish for small fish. But if a trifle is caught, then part goes to bait, and part is collected by cats as a tax 😂.

Dogs in Istanbul also do not go unnoticed. We saw much less dogs. Single dogs and a couple of dog packs. The only thing we noticed was that they were rather large dogs. More like medium and large. Small ones the size of a cat or slightly larger were not noticed. But maybe that’s how we saw it. We saw rugs for dogs in the subway, saw how dogs calmly entered there and settled down in warmth. I think that they are also fed and taken care of.

We also saw bird feeders in abundance. The city birds are very well cared for. In the feeders we saw mountains of millet, soaked grains, mixtures of various small cereals. The most massive visitors to the feeders are, of course, pigeons.

Next come sparrows and other small birds (I don’t know the names), rooks and smaller birds similar to crows and, of course, seagulls.

By the way, we saw a couple of times on the streets of beautiful thoroughbred depths with tufts and openwork paws.

Write about your experience of meeting animals in Istanbul and other cities in Turkey. And in general in the world. Because what we saw is different from what is happening in many Russian cities.

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