Armenia in the 70s in old photographs

I love looking back at old pictures, especially those taken by amateur photographers. Imagine such a person in our family. In Soviet times, my husband Misha’s father traveled around half of the Soviet Union with a camera, visited most of the Union republics, and also worked for quite a long time (he is a hydraulic engineer) in Iraq and Madagascar! So one wonders where his two sons have such a love of travel 😂.

And now imagine a big Soviet suitcase, the largest one produced by the Soviet industry. Represented? So here are three such suitcases tightly stuffed with travel photos, alas, in a mixed state. According to the situation and interrogations of the pope, you sort out the photographs in order to understand where it was and at about what time. It was easiest to separate Madagascar and Iraq, where the shops are signed for the Arab and the dark-skinned African population in national clothes clearly correspond to these countries. But with the union republics, there may not be a hit everywhere. I will upload pictures and if you recognize your native places, then be sure to write about it. Let’s start the time machine!

Photographs of Armenia in the 70s of the 20th century. The photos were taken on black and white film, I painted the photos separately. Here is an example of the last photo as it was originally taken:

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